Tom Brown Calls For Missing Persons Helpline

Date: 7/1/2006
15 St Columbanus Place
Dublin 14

My name is Tom Brown. My sister Ellen Coss has been missing for six years now.

I am asking anyone in ireland, North and South, whoever has had a loved one
missing, to write to me. Just write down your home phone number and I will contact you.

My aim is to get the Missing Persons’ Helpline back immediately as it
has been closed for over a year.

The previous Missing Persons’ Helpline was a non-runner. This time we
demand that it be:
1) Professionally staffed.
2) Adequately funded.
3) Properly run with full accountability.
4) Widely advertised
5) On-line support, counselling and advice for relatives and friends
of Ireland’s missing people of all nationalities, North and South.

Thank You.

Tom Brown