Cork City Missing Persons Search And Recovery

Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery

Cork City Missing Persons Search And Recovery is a voluntary group and registered charity (CRN 20103651). We conduct land and water based  searches for missing persons. Our Services are free of charge and we will respond to callouts from Gardaí,  Coast Guard, family members of missing persons, via  our site or our facebook page. (Link below) and the National Missing Persons helpline.

Our groups operates some of the very best  high tech equipment such as side scan sonar. Which takes a live 3D animated  video of the river bed and relays it back to a screen on the boat. This high definition feed of the bottom can quickly narrow down a search area and identify possible targets.


We also have qualified search and recovery divers with full face mask complete with underwater communication systems to allow diver to diver and diver to surface communication. We have additional access to trained diver from Atlantic divers that we can call if further assistance is needed.

Our newest piece of equipment is an underwater ROV capable of operating up to 100m of water. Giving back a like HD video feed to the surface control station. 

To request our services to search for any missing person, the missing person must first be reported missing to the Gardaí before we can conduct any search. There are no paid people in our group and we are not government funded so we rely on donations from the public through fundraising events that we organise.

To Contact Cork Missing Persons Search & Recovery by phone please ring Chairman @ 0876772847 or  search coordinator @0879609885 

Find us on face book at