A Poem for the Missing

The Great Eternal Silence By Aquinas T. Duffy


Missing in the darkness,
vanished without a trace,
with only the memories and photographs,
to fill an empty place.


Frequent prayer and fervent cries,
is there anyone there?
But the only sound
was the silent eternal fanfare.


For a long time
its deafening sound
subdued by a path
through lost and found.


Laughter and sorrow,
anguish and grief,
all the moments of a life
but with no relief.


Everything and nothing
one within and between all,
gentle, loving, pervading,
the eternal silence falls.


(The above was written in June 2000 by Fr Aquinas T Duffy, arising out of the disappearance of his cousin, Aengus and the setting up of a Missing Irish People website. Sometimes, we do not hear answers to our prayers, only apparent silence. But within that silence, there is always more to be discovered.)

A Prayer For The Missing

O, Blessed Mother and St Joseph,
you searched when your Son Jesus
disappeared when he was twelve.
You would not give up
until he was found.
You know the pain of having someone missing,
and the joy of finding them,
as you found your son.
Help those who are searching now,
to find the answers to their questions,
and an end to their searching.
Inspire people to be vigilant,
so that their eyes and ears
may see and hear news that will bring hope.
Comfort those who feel lonely and sad
because the one they love has vanished.
Be with them in the storm
and guide them in their efforts.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Missing By Máiréad Tuohy Duffy

Vanishing into the space of oblivion
In earth, sea or sky?
Who knows?
Gone into the wilderness
Of the unknown.
Leaving behind;
Fathers, mothers,
Brothers, sisters.
Bewildered Friends.
Watching, waiting,
Hearts aching,
Eyes peering,
Ears listening.
Minds hoping,
The door will open,
The vanished will return.
Like the prodigal son,
The father will say;
“Come into my open arms,
Oh! Child, how we missed you”.


See When Someone you love goes missing By Tom M Brown


A Blessing Service for Those Who have Someone Missing

We read in the Gospel how as a child, Jesus was lost in Jersalem and was found in the Temple. And Mary his mother said to him,

‘My Child, why have you done this to us? See how worried your father and I have been, looking for you… He went down with them and came to Nazareth.’ (Luke 2:48-51)

Let Us Pray

God our Father,
your Son Jesus Christ as a child
was lost in the chaos of a great city
and was restored to the love of his family;
watch over N , now missing, for whom we pray
and protect him/her with your love.
Be near to those who are anxious for him/her;
let your presence change their sorrow into comfort,
their anxiety into trust,
their despair into faith,
that they may know your loving purposes.
And this we ask
in the name of Jesus our Lord,
who loves and lives
and cares for all your children. Amen.

(Taken from Magee Brian, ed. The Veritas Book of Blessing Prayers. Dublin: Veritas, 1989, p. 140)




 Someone is missing in the night

 Someone is praying by pale candle light

 And hoping to see her soon

But she may not appear

 As  he wishes  her to be .


 Someone is pulling on the gear

 Checking the sat nav  ,

 tidal  table’s quarter year

 He wont see home for the dawning ,

 handing over to  comrades

 the hazrd risk warnings.


 Someone is rowing and bobbing on the lee

 Naomhogs with fairy lights

 Dragon  boats light up the night.

 Brave  men and women

 who circle neath the stars

 In a journey of remembrance ,

 In a solemn moonlight dance.


 Some one  is missing in the   night.

 But  many hands to carry  

 Peaceful hearts

 Silent lips .

 To bring some back home

 From their blue cliabhan

 To slumber

 With mother Earth once more



 Mags Creedon O Shea