New Leads in Philip Cairns Case

The recent news that there are new leads in the case of  missing school boy Philip Cairns is welcome. But there are some very troubling aspects to the new information as reported. It is hard to understand how someone could have remained silent for 30 years but welcome that the person did come forward. It is frustrating that the main suspect is now deceased and would appear to have brought to the grave whatever information he had. Hopefully the new leads however may lead to progressing this case further. It also shows that there are often people who have information but who never come forward. Every second of their silence causes incredible harm and pain to the families of those missing. But it is never too late to come forward with information no matter how small. That one piece of information could be the one that solves the case.

Sadly the new leads have not led to any new developments. 


Aquinas Duffy