Michael Farrell (Dublin)

  • Michael Disappeared on the 19 September 1994 on route from Rosslare to Pembroke.
  • Born: 1963 (Dublin)
  • Age:
  • Height: 5 Ft 6 Inches
  • Hair: sandy and receding at the temples
  • Eye: Blue
  • Build: medium build

Michael went missing on the 19th Sept. 1994, he was working on board the Isle of Inismor at the time. He worked as a Cinema Manager on board ship. Michael was 31 at the time he went missing. He is 5ft 6in, medium build, and has blue eyes; his hair is sandy and receding at the temples. He was wearing an earring in his left ear. Michael is married with 3 children and is very much missed by all of his family. He went missing while on route from Rosslare to Pembroke at roughly 10.30pm on the 19th Sept. 1994.

In the days that followed the Welsh Police, the Gardai and the Welsh Coast Guard were involved in the search for Michael. But it is to this day a total mystery as to what happened to him. He was not depressed or in bad form or worried about anything. He had worked for nine years with Irish Ferries and had travelled this route many times.

His wife and family, his parents and friends anxiously want to know the truth about what happened to him. There have been no reported sightings of him to date. Michael PLEASE phone to let them know you are alive.

Please print off a missing poster and keep for reference or display.

It would also be helpful if the people from Cork who travelled on a Slattery's coach tour and were on board the ship on the 19 Sept 1994 can remember anything about the Cinema Projectionist, Michael Farrell, which may help.

Any information that you have will be gratefully appreciated by Michael's family. Contact Coolock Garda Station, Dublin telephone +353-1-6664200 or any Police Station or phone or email the webmaster.