Dennis (Din) Carroll

Dennis (Din) Carroll is my uncle. I have never met him but would like to be able to locate him for my mom and the rest of his siblings. Din was last seen somewhere in the London area in the late 1950's. He used to visit his brother and sister-in-law there. He has been know to have used alias's. Din would be in his mid 60's at this time. Most of his siblings have returned back to Ireland to the town where they all grew up. I know that they would love to hear from Din or about him. The last that my Mom knew of him, he was dating a girl from Wales. If any one has any information regarding Din it would be greatly appreciated. His siblings names are: Mary, Joan, Jimmy, Olive, Pat, John and Betty. My mom is Pat. She and Din were extremely close growing up and she would love to find out something about her long lost brother.