Aloysius Patrick Box

Born 4 March 1940 in UK or Amercia

My dad Aloysius Patrick Box was born on 4 March 1940, at 3 Church Wall, Bishop Gate, Derry, N Ireland. He was in the Merchant Navy from 1955 to Dec 1962.

My mum has told me that work was hard to find in Derry. So on the 2 June 1964 my dad went to England. He went to Luton where he found work at Vauxhalls. He only worked there for one month. He did not write home, He never came home again. He left behind a wife, 2 children and one on the way. Dad's brother tells me that he did write home 3 times, Twice with the money in it for us to come over, The 3rd time he sent the tickets with a note saying if she did not come this time she and us would never see him again. I am now 40 years old with a son of 22. All my life I have lived in hope that one day my dad would come for me. I am now starting to run out of hope, I have looked everywhere I can think of for dad with no luck.

He had a Height of about 5" 7 to 5" 9, Brown eyes, Was slim built with dark brown hair. He loved to go fishing. Dad if you are out there PLEASE PLEASE let me know you are alive and well. I mean you no harm. I will meet on your terms.

Update Monday, 4 June, 2001

My dad was also known as AL, ALA, ALAN. I have been told he was in WESTON-SUPER-MARE 1967/1969.. He was then spotted in NEW YORK/BOSTON USA between Dec1979 and Jan 1980

If any one has any more information please get in touch. No matter how old or small the info might be to you it can mean alot for me.