Looking for someone?

If you have a loved one, who is missing from or in Ireland and whose disappearance has been reported to the Gardai, PSNI, or other Police Authority, and that you would like included on this website, I ask that you use the Add Missing Person form (but please make sure that you give a valid email address, as much information possible and a clear image). Please also give details of the police agency that you have reported the case to. Together we can highlight the plight of families who have someone missing and involve the public in being on the alert.

 Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery  can offer you good advice and assist with searches if required. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact details  P:+353876772847  +353879609885.   Email: ccmpsar@gmail.com       info@missing.ie

The National Missing Persons Helpline at 1890-442 552 and www.missingpersons.ie  are also there to provide support and help.

If the person you are looking for is one who has lost contact but who is not a missing person then you should use the Add Lost Contact Form on the website to request that they be added to the website.