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Name: Thomas Dullaghan
City: Dublin
County: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Comments: I am a member of the Irish Defence Forces for the last 25 years
over the last few days i started watching a sky channel ID (investigation Documentary) about missing people in the USA.
i wondered was there many missing people in Ireland – I was shocked to find statistics stating that 16 people go missing in Ireland every day on average and that its a figure of 4000 every year. This to me is so scary for every figure of one in this statistic how many people are affected Families Friends Investigators. I am gobsmacked. The reason I sign this guest book is to congratulate the web master the volunteers and families who make this site work. I will start researching how i can help – this is a cause i will be happy to give up some of my time for. God bless you all who make this site a portal of hope for so many distressed people. Thomas Dullaghan
Date: 5/4/2013