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Name: Bianca Zurnieden
Country: Germany
Comments: Martin (Marty) Fallon

I met Marty and his 2 friends (one was named Garvin, i think) on the canary island (gran canaria/playa del ingles) in ocotber or november 1994.
We had a terribly good time then and never lost contact for a couple of years. Unfortunately I don’t have any address from him anymore, so i don’t know, how to get in touch to see how he is and what he is doing and everything.
All I know is, that he used to be a science teacher at Dundrum College, Syderham Road in Dublin, but started working for some other company later. I don’t know, what kind of company this is, but i know he had to travel a lot around Europe in his new job. If you know of his whereabouts, email the webmaster of this website.

Date: 4/18/2004