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Name: Kate Walshe-Balis
City: Derry, NH
Country: USA
Comments: To the people of missing loved ones:

I just wanted to say to you please do not give up hope and faith. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Aquinas Duffy helped me a few years ago when I was searching for my biological father and thru his wisdom and determination I was able to find family memebers of my father (who sadly passed away in England in 1980) but I had been searching for over 22 years and I came across this wonderful site and within months I was in touch with family members. I will never be able to thank Aquinas Duffy enough for his kindness and determination for he gave me a most precious gift for life. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE AND GOD SPEED TO ALL I WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPY ENDING I HAD!! THANK YOU AQUINAS AS ALWAYS I WIlLL BE FOREVER THANKFUL TO YOU!!
Sincerely, Kate Walshe-Balis
Date: 8/9/2004