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Name: Shona O’Brien
Country: Ireland
Comments: My cousin Derek was featured on your site. He died in 2003. I barely knew him. His death and his sadness really touched me. I don’t think I will ever get over the feeling of not being there for him, not knowing him and for feeling depressed myself. I just wish, and hope and pray that if you are a missing person; please, please. contact someone. you can email from an internet cafe. no-one needs to actually find and see you. just say something.

Dermot Jnr (and Snr) I want to say that I am sorry I was not there and haven’t been since. Being honest, all I remember of Derek is that he had socks with Homer Simpson on them at Papi’s funeral. I wish I knew him (and you) more.



Date: 9/28/2010