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Name: Olive and James Doyle
City: Greenwich, Connecticut
Country: USA
Comments: My husband and I are originally Irish and were home for Christmas. A couple of days after our return to the US, Robert was abducted. He has been on our minds constantly and our hearts have been broken thinking of the horror and pain his parents, family and friends must be going through. I have been following the Irish news avidly for latest updates and was so sad to learn of this poor innocent child’s death. I hope and pray that he did not suffer too much and my heart breaks for Mark and Majella. This morning I was listening to a Sinead O’Connor CD titled Universal Mother. There is a song called “My darling child”, and when it came on I just broke down and cried. I was driving at the time and luckily I had just arrived home. I felt a fraction of the pain these poor people are going through, the loss must feel unsurmountable right now for them. Robert’s family is in our hearts, today will be a hard day for them and all of Ireland is with them at this difficult time, even those of us who live elsewhere. I wish them peace and pray that they have the strenght and support to get through this. Shame on the perpetrator, the time of reconing will come for that evil monster.
Date: 1/15/2005