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Name: Lucy Foley
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Comments: I was a friend of Reiltin Shanahan when we were teenagers in school. I recall Aengus when he was a tiny little fella with white blonde hair playing on the street sometimes, when we’d call over to the house.

The first I heard about him being missing was hearing his dad, who I remember well, on the radio, quite early on, probably in the first wave of the appeal. Then one afternoon I turned on the tv and saw Aquinas and James Brown, a man I remember from working in the Andrew’s Lane Theatre, together talking about their missing relatives. It was a strange one. The heartache must be fierce. Love to you all.

I hear that government support has been withdrawn from the helpline, by the same ministry that offered the financial means to set it up. I find it extraordinary that this kind of thing can happen, can be justified, in this thriving Irish economy. Exactly what is it that’s thriving here?

Good luck, and power to you in your search.

Date: 5/8/2005