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Name: linda murton
City: stoke
County: staffordshire
Country: united kingdom
Comments: I am from dublin and left in 1993 I am amazed that most if not all the cases i didnt hear about till reading this book by Barry Cummins on Missing. I sat in sheer astonishment to be quite truthful at the laws in ireland still that allow drug crime suspects to be held longer than murder suspects.

Things have to change…. my heart and soul and prayers go out to all the family of missing people at home.i cant even begin to imagine the distress that happenes everyday for these families.I hope that someday oneday the answers will be there for the families concerned.My thoughts to you all,and thankyou for a wonderful website that gives insight and pictures I will pass this link to many people whom i know in the uk and in the north of ireland in the hope that maybe someone will have good news about their missing loved ones.
Date: 9/18/2005