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Name: denise delaney
City: Dublin
County: dublin
Country: Ireland
Comments: you are not where the eye can see
but in our hearts you will always be
the sun it shines the rain it falls
how will we get through it all

these people they are someone real
to read this you must empathise how we feel
a father a daughter a granny a mum
how are we to carry on
a son a grandad a baby a friend
when will this whole nightmare end

angels look upon us throught our life
dont loose the memories hold onto them tight
for without the memories we loose hope
and find it very hard to cope

hopefully all your plights will come to an end
cant you see it ,its just round the bend
find consolation in knowing this
we will never forget those that you miss
and hope the time is not far away when
you’ll be reunited to laugh and to play
to smile to know your together again and that your nightmare has come to an end.

to all involved i hereby send comfort to our forever friends wherever they are we miss them so and now its not our time to go

soon but not yet we will meet GOD is holding us all a seat for the biggest parade you will ever see, when he will reunite you and me.

may god be with you always
in my thoughts and prayers
Date: 2/3/2006