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Name: Emer Leigh
County: Kildare
Country: Ireland
Comments: I am from Newbridge where Deirdre Jacob went missing in July 1998. We were born in the same year and we were also in the same class in school. She should be living her life the way I am now, 27 this year she would have been, she should be thinking of the next stage in her life, settling down, starting a family, all the things that myself and our peers take for granted. The area where Deirdre lived and went missing is now very much a residential area and still booming it wouldnt have been as busy in 1998. This girl was in Newbridge town carring out errands and dissapeared outside her own gate!! Its absolutley incredulous to think of this. I hope she didnt suffer or experience any feelings of helplessness in whatever happened. I think of you regularly Deirdre wherever you are, if you can please get in touch with someone, whatever may have happened, belive a phone call would do it, then take it from there, if you cant then i pray that you will help in bringing whoever knows what happened to their inevitable demise. I also express these sentiments to all the other people featured on your site, i view it regularly to see if there has been updated and just to look at their faces again, it really touches me and it reminds me to pray.
Date: 2/27/2006