Guestbook Message

Name: Donna Coughlan
City: crosshaven [village]
County: cork
Country: ireland
Comments: My name is Donna Coughlan,my brother Barry Coughlan has been missing since the 1 may 2004 and whilst reading the messages on the guestbook i came across a message from a Stuart Toman in Cambridgeshire in britain who had seen the bbc program “MISSING” in which we made an appeal for help in trying to locate Barry, I was so touched and shocked to see that Stuart had gone to the bother of posting Barrys details on myspace and i just want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving his time to do this for us as it is so difficult to get help when you are in this situation and any bit of help is better then nothing at all.I would just like to wish Stuart and his family a very happy x-mas and of course also to the many other thousands of families out there like my family who has someone missing again this x-mas .Please god may 2008 bring better things for us all and having strenght is the most important thing to help us survive the awful cards which some of us have been dealt.
Date: 12/9/2007