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Name: Daithi O’Cinneide
City: kilkenny
County: kilkenny
Country: ireland
Website: Missing Irish People
Comments: i am writing this message on behalf of my friend Mary Phelan asking all who know anything about the last whearbouts of Jo Jo Dullard to come forward as every bit of information is vital. Somebody must know something. its beyond a joke 12 years nearly 13 and nothing not even a body for peace. you dont vanish into thin air. i think the program with the psycics had a lot to say and they gave great details with the man having a very noticeable scar on his face. someone must have noticed this. please if you can help the phelan family do, as its been hell for them and all those people who have lost a loved one. you could end the suffering with your help

Date: 1/31/2008