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Name: Joyce Gannon
City: cork
Comments: My brother Donal Carroll went missing almost 20 years ago , just got up one Wednesday evening drove off in his car and we haven’t heard anything from him since. Guards were told. searches , divers even clairvoyants were brought on board but nothing . years passed but it doesn’t get any easier. So much has happened in the time gone by that he’s missed out on and i know someone out there, some friends of his know something i just wish after all this time they would help us find him. He wasn’t well when he left as he was skipping medication . He was diagnosed as schizophrenic but for the first time in years was doing great, which is probably why he felt he didn’t need the meds anymore. We still miss him so much and pray that some day the phone will ring and it will be him.
Date: 2/13/2008