Guestbook Message

Name: Gavin Feiritear
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Website: Twisting The Wind
Comments: I wish to express my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who have gone missing over the years. To them I wish courage, strength and hope.

I would like to share a song/poem that I have written about the loss of my aunt Eva Brennan. I finished it one night when memories of my aunt, who went missing when I was about 7 years old came flooding back to me, memories which I had forgotten until that point.

I had forgotten that Eva was a living and loving person from whom life and warmth emanated. These things had somehow escaped my memory from years of considering her with the enigma of a ‘missing person’ and the photographs we keep in my house (one of which is that on the site). She was a real person.

I think it is in these memories that we carry the warmth of the people we have lost with us, if they brighten our days then surely they make us better people. I owe this to my aunt Eva.

Good luck and thanks to the people who run this site.

(if you would like to listen to it please click the link to the website above, the song is called ‘Twisting The Wind’)
Date: 4/13/2008