Guestbook Message

Name: Donna Coughlan
City: crosshaven
County: co.cork
Comments: I just read the message from Helen Carty from Cumbria in England,and i was delighted to see that people are still aware of the case of my missing brother Barry Coughlan Unfortunatly we have had no joy in tracing Barry,he will be missing 4 years on May 1,but like all close families we will never, ever give up looking for him,and it is this that helps us to get through ever day,no matter how hard it may be.When something like this happens it makes you realise how short life really is and how important family really is,the way i live my life has completely changed i try to think positive about the future,instead of thinking how long Barry has been missing ,i try to look at it as, that every day that passes is a day closer to finding him (please god).I would like to thank all the people like Helen Carty and Stuart Toman for their kind words,and willingness to help my family,we are forever grateful.Thank you.
Date: 4/21/2008