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Name: David Kelly
City: Dublin
County: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Website: N/A
Comments: People go missing for many reasons. Some want to disappear, some have their freedom taken. To lay blame is easy, the reality is the people need finding, or in some cases to let their family know their fine and not in danger.

(Where to turn) Perhaps a specialized unit dedicated to finding those who are missing. Trackers, using all available technology to pursue the truth to each case. Blaming the Gardai is silly. At the heart of most things is money, who pays?

(Responsibility) What importance is placed on missing people. It is difficult to strategize for the varying circumstances surrounding each case. I know if a member of my own disappeared, my life would be consumed by my desire to find them. Nothing be it physical or financial would intervene in my pursuit to find the truth.

(Conclusion) There is none. I can only speculate on the emotions felt by those on this website.

Date: 5/30/2008