Eleventh Anniversary of the Disappearance of Aengus Shanahan

Date: 2/11/2011
Aengus (Gussie) Shanahan is eleven years missing today. His family still do not know where he is since he vanished on the 11th February 2000 from the streets of Limerick.

It is hard to believe that it is 11 years. It is even harder to believe that there are people out there who know what happened to him and where he has been buried. But they have chosen to remain silent while his family continue to suffer.

Please break the silence and give his family accurate information that will lead to finding the remains of Gussie. Information can be given in confidence by phoning the special number Tel: 085 2092119 or Email. find.gussie@gmail.com or write to PO Box 55, Limerick Leader, 54 O’Connell Street, Limerick or make contact through this website or contact the Gardai. The nightmare must end.

Aquinas T Duffy