Crimestoppers Appeal For Missing

Date: 11/11/2005
Crimestoppers, in conjunction with the gardaí, has launched an appeal focusing on the deaths of three women in particular, along with the disappearances of five others.

Crimestoppers are highlighting the suspicious deaths of Antoinette Smith in 1988, Patricia Doherty in 1992 and Marie Kilmartin in 1994.

The five missing women include: Claire Boylan, last seen in 2003; Ciara Breen, who vanished in 1997; Jo Jo Dullard, who disappeared in November 1995; Imelda Keenan, missing since 1994 and Annie McCarrick, who vanished in 1993.

Crimestoppers is offering a substantial cash reward for information which might help gardaí solve the cases.
The Crimestoppers phone number is 1800 – 250025