Charity Search and Rescue

Date: 6/11/2011
Today, 100 people are missing in Ireland. These persons are someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, friend, co-worker or neighbor. Many have been missing multiple years. A trained Search Dog can greatly improve the probability of finding a living missing person before they ultimately end up missing for years.

Trained Search Dogs show human searchers where
a deceased person is buried underground or what area of
a lake, river or coastal area a drowned victim is likely located. Utilizing especially
trained dogs will decrease the time in finding a Missing Person, hence ending a family’s torment by returning their loved one back to them.


WHEN: Starts Sunday, June 19, 2PM,2011
WHAT: Intensive 3 month training program including Basic Search Dog
Training, Off Lead Obedience and Agility/Obstacle Course

WHERE: Various venues in and around Galway City. Location of first training session will be emailed to participants Friday June 17.

HOW: Training is demonstrated step by step for the handler. The training is presented to the dog as a game with consistent rewards for incremental progress.
Upon completion of 3 months Basic Training, an
additional 11 months of Canine Search And Rescue training is offered, with a view, upon completion, for independent testing and certification.

WHO: Training is intended for individuals that are
currently members of Emergency Service organizations.

WHY: The goal of this training program is to propagate Search Dog Teams to Emergency Service organizations as needed. It is the long-term goal of this program to find alive or recover missing persons before these persons become multi-year Missing Persons with a low probability of every returning them to their family.

COST: Search Dog training from Charity Search And Rescue has always been free.

Search Dog training sessions are conducted by Jack Kennedy, Chairman of Charity Search And Rescue.
Jack and dog LuLu have participated in 8 separate missing person incidents. Of these, 2 were land only, 3 covered both land and water and 3 were water only. The 8 incidents generated 50+ individual searches.

Charity Search And Rescue was registered as a charity in 2009 (CHY#18542) The main objective of CSAR is to locate, assist or recover lost, missing and deceased persons by search (sniffer) dogs and the training of search dogs and search dog handlers.