Beware of Scams

Date: 2/9/2007
An article in today’s “Irish Examiner” reports that a friend of a missing person had contact with people claiming to have information. The people claimed that the missing person was in Ghana and in hospital. They clamed that they would help get him discharged if he wired money to them. In a second incident another relative of a missing person in Limerick also received a similar call.

It is hard to believe that there are such evil people who are capable of doing such a thing. They are the same people who send the all too familar scam emails telling you that they need your help to tranfer millions of dollars. One should never respond to such emails or phone calls but rather pass them on to the Gardai.

It is hoped that law enforcement agencies will use their powers to prosecute the people who are behind such scams.

Please note that every effort is made to ensure that no contact details of relatives of missing people appear on this website and the only phone contact details are the phone contact details of the Garda Station who are dealing with the case.