Are you a Missing Person?

The definition of a missing person is anyone whose whereabouts are unknown and the circumstances of the disappearance presents a risk of harm to the missing person or any other person.

People may go missing for a plethora of reasons and in most cases this does not involve a criminal element. Someone may feel like they are burden, be angered due to conflict, or they see no other choice but to leave. 

The distress, turmoil, guilt and worry this can cause as a result of someone going missing to family members and friends is profound. If you are someone who is missing and you have landed here we urge you to make contact. You do not have to return home but please provide your loved ones with an update on your welfare.

You can do this by: 

  • Contacting any Garda station or police station depending on your whereabouts. They can assist with informing your family that you are ok and will not disclose your whereabouts
  • Call a loved one or friend if you feel comfortable to do so
  • Send an email/letter
  • Call the National Missing Persons Helpline on 1800-442-552. Their trained volunteers can listen and help you take the next step