Things to Check


  1. Report person missing.
  2. Talk to family and friends, are they staying with them.
  3. Make posters as soon as possible.
  4. Papers, television (photo very important)
  5. Radio.
  6. Be kind to yourself.
  7. Check phone. (To see whom they talked to last)
  8. Bank account. (Are they withdrawing money)
  9. Passport. Is it around?
  10. Check house. What is missing? Is it upset in any way?
  11. Finger prints. Don’t dust before having fingerprint done.
  12. Check personal belongings.
  13. Bus check. (Did he / she get the bus)
  14. Internet: Place an Appeal
  15. Ask police to keep in touch.
  16. DNA. Testing (parents).
  17. If they go missing in town or shopping centres (check cameras)
  18. Don’t be put off. You know your own.
  19. Contact a support organisation like or CCMPSR

My thanks to the relative of a missing person who sent the above.

See another more detailed check list of what to do.