Missing irish People: Previous Guestbook Messages 3

Missing irish People: Previous Guestbook Messages 3


Thank You For Signing the Guestbook which is often read by the relatives of the missing and which is itself a source of support. Entries will be added after they have been approved by webmaster.

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I didnt find the person that I was looking for. GOD bless all who are looking. hope u have some luck. keep trying miracles happen.
-Monday, 29 Apr, 2002, 20:31:28 GMT

Edwina Lett

Wexford, Wexford Ireland
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-Friday, 26 Apr, 2002, 13:06:08 GMT

Sandra Sheridan

Sydney, Australia
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I feel for all the families with missing person’s. I will pray for you all. And hope your pain is healed soon.
-Friday, 26 Apr, 2002, 07:52:31 GMT

Fiona Smith

Belfast, Co. Antrim Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

I had no idea, I just stumbled upon this sight and am so glad that I did. We all tend to live our own lives and really never think of the suffering that goes on around us. My thoughts are with the loved ones of those missing and also the individuals themselves, be safe. God’s plan is sometimes difficult to understand but I am sure he knows what he is doing. There is always hope. I am not the most religious person by a long shot, however I do find comfort in the prayer;
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change, Courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.
This site has given me a glimpse of the caring and loving that still exists in our world and I thank you for that Fr. Aquinas.

-Friday, 26 Apr, 2002, 00:22:12 GMT

Maria Williams

llandudno, conwy Wales
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keep up the good work i am myself looking for some one called david bollard from ireland and i know sites like this are helpfull
-Monday, 22 Apr, 2002, 19:50:17 GMT

Web Police
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your website will be added to our missing people list at our missing people dept.
-Sunday, 21 Apr, 2002, 16:59:17 GMT


Crossmolina, mayo Ireland
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I have being searching for my sister Sandra Collins who went missing on the 4 of december 2000 anybody with any information contact Ballina gardai
-Sunday, 21 Apr, 2002, 13:21:44 GMT

linda cleary

london, middx england
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I would just like to give great praise to the people who work on this site-it is well needed.it’s sad to think so many people are affected by missing people.
-Sunday, 21 Apr, 2002, 12:16:56 GMT

sharon sheeran

manchester lancs england

I am searching for my father, John Joseph Sheeran, who left Co Tyrone in 1964.

-Friday, 19 Apr, 2002, 18:30:07 GMT

brian mulreany

glasgow, scotland Ireland
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good luck to all who have lost a loved one, hopefully they will turn up one day
-Friday, 19 Apr, 2002, 17:30:07 GMT

clare ann murphy

dublin, dublin Ireland
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as i am looking through this site tears roll down my cheeks, to the families of the missing persons, dont give up,you are in our prayers, you and your families will not be forgotten.dont give up – the truth will come out and you will be reunited with your loved ones.
-Friday, 19 Apr, 2002, 15:44:54 GMT

Jamie kelly

Cork, Ireland., Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

c’ant belive some of the terrible stories i hope ye all hear something soon and for those who are missing d’ont be so selfish and ring home if ye can or write. either way do somethhing. you are destroying your familie’s lives and remember someone always cares. a few years ago a member of my familiy disappeared but they had the courage to come back

Do It Now
-Thursday, 18 Apr, 2002, 13:45:02 GMT

Mary Rahilly

Cork/Thurlas, Cork/Tipp Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Trying to locate mother.
-Wednesday, 17 Apr, 2002, 23:06:22 GMT

louise lehany

ballyfarnon, roscommon Ireland
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missing people in ireland
A very good site, hope that all of those people out there can one day find their loved ones, good luck to all.
-Wednesday, 17 Apr, 2002, 10:00:25 GMT

Hans Heinmenberg

Mitkof Island, Alaska USA

Outstanding; Keep Up The Good Work
-Tuesday, 16 Apr, 2002, 20:01:41 GMT

Alan Forney

-Tuesday, 16 Apr, 2002, 18:33:54 GMT

Anne Holden

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Sad to think this is a world wide problem. Where is everyone? Someone knows, here’s hoping all will be found in time.
-Tuesday, 16 Apr, 2002, 12:30:51 GMT

Christina Miraglia

Dublin Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Just wanted to say very sad, and sometimes things happen and theres nothing anyone can say or do to make it any better, it just takes time….
Keep up the good work
-Monday, 15 Apr, 2002, 22:00:48 GMT


sarah sassy

waterloo, usa
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-Friday, 12 Apr, 2002, 19:10:51 GMT

Ramon Alfonso Salazar

Poteet, Atascosa
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-Monday, 1 Apr, 2002, 04:36:14 GMT

anne-marie hickey

waterford Ireland
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-Sunday, 31 Mar, 2002, 14:34:46 GMT

Michael Harris

cork, cork Ireland
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-Saturday, 30 Mar, 2002, 11:13:54 GMT

Kathleen Shannon
London, London England
* Link *
Families Reunite
Great site, enjoyed being here however sad. We have a reunion board for families and our site has found many people all over the world. There are so many people missing worldwide and lots of children. Its so sad. It is wonderful when we reunite people.

Good luck!
-Saturday, 30 Mar, 2002, 01:37:47 GMT


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I can’t believe how recently some of these people have gone missing !
keep up the good work ,it is a bigger problem than I ever imagined !
-Saturday, 23 Mar, 2002, 21:11:28 GMT


sydney, australia australia
* Through another missing persons site *

I am so sorry..
my country australia has a disturbing missing persons rate as well.
AND ITS PLAIN TO SEE SOME MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE..I APPLAUDE YOUR COURAGE those of you who suffer in silence. bless you all. thank you for this eye opening experience. DONNA IN AUS.
-Thursday, 21 Mar, 2002, 11:48:52 GMT

Amanda M. Priest

Vancouver, Canada
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I’m an Irish citizen, living in Vancouver, Canada, currently doing an Investigative Report on the 50 Missing Women from the Downtown Eastside, here in Vancouver.I was surprised and interested to see your website….I guess people go missing there now too…didn’t think there were many missing Irish people, but obviously it is a world wide problem.

Amanda M. Priest.
(Vancouver Police Department)
-Wednesday, 20 Mar, 2002, 03:34:18 GMT

Aggie Bradley

Maynooth, Kildare Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Bertie – pls get in touch. Lots of news since I saw you last over 2 years ago but think about you every day so pls give Agnes a call!
-Thursday, 14 Mar, 2002, 11:09:33 GMT

Mary Murphy

wicklow Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

I hope those missing people are found. My heartfelt sympathy for their families and what they must be going through.
-Saturday, 9 Mar, 2002, 22:29:18 GMT

Valerie Mullin

Galway, Galway Ireland
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Very good site, but very sad to know that people are still missing,
hope all turn up safe or are safe.
good bye
-Saturday, 9 Mar, 2002, 12:20:55 GMT


Sarah Nesbitt

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My heart goes out to any family that have a missing person. I just can’t understand where and why these people vanish. Anyway I keep them in my thoughts and prayers and hope for safe returns. Sarah

Very Good Site, but extremely sad!!
-Wednesday, 6 Mar, 2002, 15:49:02 GMT

Bonnie Adell

Biloxi, Jackson USA
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Hello, I just watched a program last night that focused on some people missing in Ireland. I have a friend that has been missing three years now, also here in America. My heart breaks for all the families of the missing. God Bless.
-Monday, 4 Mar, 2002, 01:43:41 GMT


Patrick Scannell

New York, Queens U.S.A
* Just Surfed In! *
Good luck. Pat
-Tuesday, 26 Feb, 2002, 04:52:26 GMT

Karen Mc Intyre

derry, derry Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

I hope and pray that everyone on this web site finds their way home. Good luck and God bless….
-Friday, 22 Feb, 2002, 13:52:38 GMT

dublin, tallaght  Ireland

* Just Surfed In! *
-Wednesday, 20 Feb, 2002, 18:46:55 GMT

hayley deborah meave irwin

limerick, Ireland

-Monday, 18 Feb, 2002, 00:59:20 GMT

Mr. Samuel Moran

limerick, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

-Wednesday, 13 Feb, 2002, 22:31:50 GMT

Eileen Bradley

Kildare Ireland

Thinking of you always, Al
Miss you lodes,
Eileen x x x
-Sunday, 10 Feb, 2002, 15:04:15 GMT

annemarie vaughan

Limerick city, limerick Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

i am very saddended reading this page my heart goes out to christine crowley and all the other familys.as ayoung person im frightened by the amount of young people missing,and i pray theyll come home safely to their loved ones !!! dont give up hope ill pray everynight for them .god bless
-Friday, 8 Feb, 2002, 10:47:46 GMT

Sarah Elizabeth McMillion

I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose a loved one. I will pray that they are found. My thoughts are with you.
-Friday, 8 Feb, 2002, 05:07:41 GMT


Yvette Kinsella

Limerick, Limerick Ireland
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-Friday, 1 Feb, 2002, 16:38:19 GMT

John Hayes

Carlow Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *
-Thursday, 31 Jan, 2002, 19:26:03 GMT

noel mulreany

basildon, essex uk
* Just Surfed In! *

-Thursday, 31 Jan, 2002, 14:00:22 GMT

Michael L. Mansfield

Anchorage, Alaska, America
* Just Surfed In! *
Michael Mansfield Website

I am searching for my father, Mohammed A. Mir. I believe he was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.  He was a member of the Royal Saudi Air Force.  Mohammed Mir was in Cheyenne, Wyoming USA as early as 1956 and at least as late as 1957.

I also have a letter from him dated 1961 which came via a Mr Fouad Johari,  Royal Saudi Air Force, Supply Dept. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I would like to find him, and therein, find out about me.  I would deeply appreciate any help in locating my father, or Mr. Johari. Please visit my website above for more info and photos.

-Saturday, 26 Jan, 2002, 10:52:51 GMT

Sarah Aherne

London, England
* Just Surfed In! *

What an amazing website. It’s opened my eyes, mind and heart.
-Friday, 25 Jan, 2002, 10:52:51 GMT

John Vincent O’ Mahony

Hamilton, Canada
* Just Surfed In! *

Some time, some where, i may be of help to you, and should it happen i wiil be more than glad too get in touch with you.
John O’ Mahony
-Thursday, 24 Jan, 2002, 19:18:10 GMT


kevin bellis

perth, australia australia
* Through another missing persons site *

-Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2002, 01:05:56 GMT

Peter Keeley

Castledermot, Kildare Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Very depressing and sad. Keep up the good work.
-Monday, 21 Jan, 2002, 14:13:07 GMT

Paul Hurley

Cork, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *
-Wednesday, 16 Jan, 2002, 17:05:06 GMT

Mary O Donovan

Cork, Cork Ireland
* Link *
What a lovely site, a fitting tribute to those who are missing and a light of hope to the realtives who wait. I never realised that so many people were missing in Ireland, my thoughts and prayers are with ye all and I hope this hard time will end soon for ye. Congratulations on the site it is just beautiful
-Monday, 14 Jan, 2002, 15:39:56 GMT

Brenda Gannon

Dublin, Ireland, Ireland
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Keep up the good work, I think the site is a great idea.
-Monday, 14 Jan, 2002, 06:44:33 GMT

James Vincent Mc Cormack

Perth, West Australia
* A friend gave me your address *
Re Aidan Brereton
Deepest sympathy on your very sad loss of such a wonderful young man. Our prayers are with you all at this very sad time. Love and God bless, Vince Mc Cormack
-Thursday, 10 Jan, 2002, 12:53:04 GMT

Holly Anne Murray

Cork, Cork Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

This is a Beautiful website and I hope every poor soul on it shall be found. For the dead, may they rest in peace.
Gone tomorrow, gone today,
We will remember you in every way.

-Wednesday, 9 Jan, 2002, 20:54:38 GMT

Almas flynn

London, UK
* Just Surfed In! *

I am looking for my brother. He was adopted at birth before i was born, the dob is unknown but i know that he came to Ireland wexford looking for my mother (Elizabeth Flynn) and spoke to my nan but was sent away,just before my nan died. She told my mum what happend.
I only found out I had a brother when I was 17 years old and have been trying to find him since, I am 23 now.
Please if this story rings any bells please contact me.
Love Almas
-Wednesday, 9 Jan, 2002, 15:12:18 GMT


* A friend gave me your address *

-Wednesday, 9 Jan, 2002, 14:03:02 GMT

Debbie Chambers

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* A Search Engine *

I just wanted to thank you for your support while my Uncle Kevin (Joyce) was missing. For all of you who are in the same position as we were, I just want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this moment. It is a hard time and I hope you find your loved ones.

-Wednesday, 9 Jan, 2002, 11:25:11 GMT

gillian gould

cork, Ireland
* Link *

just to say we all hope aidan will be found soon we are all thinking about his family
-Wednesday, 9 Jan, 2002, 09:47:01 GMT

Webmaster Note: Aidan was found deceased today

Fiona Brereton

Cork, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

-Monday, 7 Jan, 2002, 14:39:41 GMT


Lancashire UK
* Just Surfed In! *

How saddened I am to read how many families are broken-hearted when their folks are missing. God only knows how they are managing to survive each day. I pray that they will find their loved ones, may God give them strength in the meantime.
-Sunday, 6 Jan, 2002, 21:11:12 GMT


Frances Grey

Mandurah, Australia
* Through another missing persons site *

I am the Aunt of Aidan Brereton, missing in Cork City from 23/12/01. Aidan and his family are in our thoughts and our prayers and Mass and prayers are being offered daily for Aidan’s safety.
-Tuesday, 1 Jan, 2002, 06:09:59 GMT

Lammert Boeve

Nunspeet, Netherlands
* Just Surfed In! *

Good site!
-Sunday, 30 Dec, 2001, 11:25:02 GMT

John Lynch

Cork, Cork Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I am the brother of the Late Thomas Lynch(Cork). Missing Jan 15th 2000-Feb 7th 2000. if i can be of help let me know.
-Sunday, 30 Dec, 2001, 04:46:05 GMT

Deloris Goodman

Dayton, Mong  America

* Link *
-Friday, 28 Dec, 2001, 14:22:06 GMT

mary farrell

dublin, Ireland

Christmas is the hardest time as all the families will know. What can you do except look for their face everywhere you go and imagine your going to meet them on the street, hope, hope and hope that’s all you can do. I wish to thank Fr Duffy on behalf of my family for all the help and support he has given us.
We were thinking of all the other families also at this time. Merry Christmas
-Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2001, 23:25:14 GMT

Patrick Jordan

Carlow Ireland

I just stumbled across the site, great job.Well updated. Keep up the good work.
-Friday, 21 Dec, 2001, 23:10:21 GMT

mick flavin (country music artist)

longford Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

congratulations aquinas on a brilliant web site my friend pj cummins at tipperary mid west radio was telling me all about the site. Continued success to you and above all a happy and holy christmas to you this season

mick flavin
-Thursday, 20 Dec, 2001, 18:38:12 GMT

melissa murphy

wexford Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

hi, i am searching for the brother of a friend of mine in the uk. she is desperate to know if he is ok. his name is samuel bartholomeusz and was last known to be living in rae street, tralee, co.kerry. Does anybody know where samuel is please help.
-Tuesday, 18 Dec, 2001, 21:52:34 GMT

Elizabeth Burns

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
* Through Another Missing Site *

I hope every one finds who they are looking for, my prayers are with you at Christmas
-Saturday, 15 Dec, 2001, 02:25:54 GMT

Bernard F. McEneaney

Hyannis, MA United States
* A friend gave me your address *

I live in the USA, Cape Cod area, I am from Dublin living here for 12 years. I have many friends and clients in the various police depts here so if there is anything I can do ever to help do please let me know…Berni
-Tuesday, 11 Dec, 2001, 14:32:50 GMT

Michele Carr-Herrick

new jersey, capemay usa
* Just Surfed In! *

I just wanted to say that I live in the Usa at the jersey shore, where a lot of irish folks like to come to spend the summer and work. Therefore I will keep my eyes open for any and all of the people listed in this site. And i pray each and every one finds thier way home. God Bless them all and thier families.
-Sunday, 9 Dec, 2001, 20:13:56 GMT

david creamer

nenagh, tipperary Ireland
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-Saturday, 8 Dec, 2001, 19:25:09 GMT

Carol Gouldsbury

blanchardstown, dublin Ireland
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-Thursday, 6 Dec, 2001, 17:55:07 GMT


* A friend gave me your address *
Deirdre Crowley was taken two years ago today by her father-let us think of her mother, family and friends. Had the people who knew where she was come forward, it could all have been so different. It makes me very angry to think of that so please lets not forget her and hope that those people be brought to justice. Deirdre, rest in peace
-Tuesday, 4 Dec, 2001, 16:09:28 GMT

michael s garrett

northampton, noramptonshire england
* A Search Engine *

-Saturday, 1 Dec, 2001, 00:57:46 GMT

Valerie Clohessy

Limerick Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the missing people and i hope that some day soon you will be reunited with them.
-Tuesday, 27 Nov, 2001, 00:02:39 GMT

majella rock

swords, dublin Ireland
* A Search Engine *

-Monday, 26 Nov, 2001, 21:43:37 GMT

Priscilla Lois Scott Lipker

Ormond Beach, Volusia USA
* A Search Engine *

signed on to try to help locate O’Neill – my ancestors immigrated from Ireland, thought maybe this site would help me in my search.

-Sunday, 18 Nov, 2001, 19:44:48 GMT

rose mcleman

Delray beach , Florida usa
* A friend gave me your address *

i would like to find my dad’s family (Hart) who live somewhere in dublin. He was born on the 24 March 1898. His first wife died in Child birth and then he married my mother Agnes Callaghan. He had a brother in Dublin and London and  a niece by the name of Sr Dolores in London.
-Friday, 16 Nov, 2001, 06:31:56 GMT

Robin Fegan

Tokyo, Japan
* A Search Engine *

Delighted to find that there are people like you who provide this information for those who have lost a loved one. Keep up the good work
-Sunday, 11 Nov, 2001, 16:30:32 GMT

Trina Bradley

Kildare Ireland
* Link *

Just want to put the following message for Alan:

Happy Birthday Alan, wherever you are , we are thinking of you especially on your 26th Birthday.

Love all the family
-Tuesday, 6 Nov, 2001, 15:38:18 GMT

Kate Balis

Derry, New Hampshire, USA

Thank you for helping me find my family

I had been searching for my biological father’s family members now for 21 years.  Then I come across this website and Aquinas Duffy and with his great suggestions, knowledge and his kind and giving heart I have found the family members.  In a million years I will never be able to thank him enough.  I am eternally grateful to have found my family.  And hopefully by the Grace of God I will be able to meet them in person someday soon.  Again saying thank you seems so hollow for what Aquinas and his website has done for me but that is all I have to offer right now.  THANK YOU FROM MY HEART AND SOUL!! 
Sincerely, Kate
Monday, November 5, 2001 at 15:50:42

Carol Patricia Field

Dublin 5, Dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

-Sunday, 4 Nov, 2001, 18:05:27 GMT


* Link *
You have created a very important page and I thank you for caring I would be honored to give you my Angel Of Love Award for the care you are giving for these missing people if you would like to accept the award please email me and I would be honored to send it to you please include this site’s address and God Bless!
-Sunday, 4 Nov, 2001, 16:00:49 GMT

eddie freeman

dublin, dublin Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

please god all the missing people are found, and may all the families and friends be prayed for
-Tuesday, 30 Oct, 2001, 15:53:32 GMT

david thomas linehan

cork, cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *

On behalf of my family, my colleagues and myself we extend our deepest condolences to the Poeschel family on the tragic loss of Bettina, may she rest in peace.
-Friday, 26 Oct, 2001, 08:46:27 GMT

mary clare cleary

Birmingham , west midlands uk
* Through another missing persons site *

would be happy if anyone knows the whereabouts of one Eddie Hutchins who was in a home run by the christian brothers located in belfast northern ireland . Eddie was born in March 1948 in Aberdeen. I would be grateful for any infromation , keep up the good work , you are like a beacon to us lost souls

mary cleary (nee Hutchins)
-Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2001, 19:31:22 GMT

Linda McDaniel


Excellent site. Thanks
-Thursday, 18 Oct, 2001, 03:48:41 GMT

Denise Mc Namara

Gorey, Wexford Ireland
* A Search Engine *

I hope that all the families who are missing someone close to them will find them and get on with there lives again.
-Monday, 15 Oct, 2001, 16:07:39 GMT

Jessie Ann Ibberson

Sleepy Eye, Untied States

-Thursday, 4 Oct, 2001, 17:12:10 GMT

Denis Mc Auliffe

Atlantic Beach, Carteret USA

-Wednesday, 26 Sep, 2001, 02:48:41 GMT

Stacey Conway

fermoy , cork city Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

My name is Stacey and when I found your website I saw your tribute to deirdre crowley. Chris Crowley was my math’s teacher for three years and I am surprised by the latest events. I don’t know why he ended this way, maybe he got scared, I can’t make excuses for him, he took his daughter’s precious life. But I can say mr crowley was a nice man, he desperately  tried to get us to enjoy maths, he never lost his temper, he was always understanding. He was an ordinary man, with an ordinary job who loved his daughter very very much. What he did was unforgettable, to some understandingly unforgiveable but his life before three years ago was like everyone elses, he chose the wrong path and hurt alot of people along the way, including himself, but this was not the first but it should be the last. My prayers go out to you Mr crowley and to your beautiful baby , and my heart to Christine. You will see her again, at least you know she’s at peace.
-Sunday, 23 Sep, 2001, 15:23:00 GMT

Julie Cullivan

London, United Kingdom
* A Search Engine *

I think this a wonderful sight. I am trying to locate my father  whom I haven’t seen in 20 years. With a bit of luck Aquinas may be able to help me. I will be forwarding your details onto friends & family. Good luck to everyone trying to find loved ones. (Found through the website 28 oct 2002)
-Sunday, 23 Sep, 2001, 12:38:28 GMT

EM Farrell

Huizen, Holland
* Just Surfed In! *
Very impressed to find such a site, I looked carefully, but didn’t recognise any of the faces or details. Because I live in Holland I thought there might be a small chance that I may have seen or recognised someone. Can’t be of any help.
Good luck, maybe someone will be able to help one of the families through this site.
-Friday, 21 Sep, 2001, 13:39:37 GMT

C Delaney

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Keep up the good work
-Wednesday, 19 Sep, 2001, 15:06:18 GMT

Patricia Keehan

Clare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

My deepest sympathy goes to Christine after the tragic loss of Deirdre. Such a waste of a beautiful life. You will meet again some day.
-Tuesday, 18 Sep, 2001, 16:36:15 GMT

Maurice Healy

Cork, Cork Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Am trying for number of years to locate missing relative in U.K.
Any one know details of similar website?
Best of luck to you all.
-Monday, 17 Sep, 2001, 01:52:24 GMT

Webmaster’s Note: See Links Section of this website

Ann McCafferty

Birmingham, Warwickshire England
* A Search Engine *

I am looking for Gerry Mallon last known to be in Ballymena Co. Antrim. He was a friend of my late father, Patrick McCafferty when they both lived in Erdington, Birmingham, England. My mother Rita McCafferty last saw him in 1965 and would really like to contact him……..hope someone can help….Thanks
-Saturday, 15 Sep, 2001, 10:29:13 GMT

Tony Murtagh

Dundalk, Louth Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

As a friend and workmate of Ciara Breens Mum Bernadette,I have seen her heartbreak over the years since Ciara disappeared while bravely trying to get on with her life.I know that someone knows what happened to Ciara,and as the truth will always come out eventually I would beg them to come forward and shorten the agony of her mother and family.
-Friday, 14 Sep, 2001, 14:18:48 GMT

Sheri Tolleson

Jacksonville, Duval USA
* A friend gave me your address *

My children go to school with the Rowan children and I know Caroline from school and church. My husband’s company put flyers in every bill/information that was sent out from his company in hopes of getting the word to lots more people. My family pray for the Rowans each and every night and hope John Hurries home.
-Thursday, 13 Sep, 2001, 17:30:45 GMT

Patrick Larkin

Dunboyne, Meath  Ireland
* Through media advertisement *
 url: http://
May God help ease the suffering of all the families that have lost their loved ones …… God be with you all.
-Wednesday, 12 Sep, 2001, 22:31:16 GMT

mary anne connolly

sydney, australia
* Just Surfed In! *

thank you for sharing this web site with me, God bless all the family’s and friends of these missing persons. My prayers are with you.

-Tuesday, 11 Sep, 2001, 05:08:34 GMT

Carrie Downs

Dublin, Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

My deepest regrets to any one that has to suffer the lost of someone they love. To lose someone and not know where they are or who they are with has to be the worst pain of all. I admire you all.
-Monday, 10 Sep, 2001, 20:40:11 GMT


Cork, Cork Ireland
* Through media advertisement *
I would just like to express my sadness about little Deirdre Crowley’s death.My heart goes out to her dear mother Christine.
May Deirdre rest in peace
-Saturday, 8 Sep, 2001, 19:07:44 GMT

Carol Grant

Waterford, Waterford Ireland
* Link *

Great stuff I never knew this was available
-Saturday, 8 Sep, 2001, 17:52:49 GMT


* A Search Engine *
 url: http://
-Saturday, 8 Sep, 2001, 06:31:55 GMT

Patricia McGuire

* Just Surfed In! *

May God give each and everyone of you who are missing a loved one the strength to carry on.
I will remember you all in my prayers.
thanks for this insight.
-Wednesday, 5 Sep, 2001, 20:57:39 GMT


Tracy Kirkpatrick

wicklow, wicklow  Ireland
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 url: http://
My deepest sympathy goes to Christine the mother of beautiful Deirdre.  As a mother I understand the love that only a mother could have for a child but canot understand the pain she must be going through after loosing her baby.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

“A tiny bud, lent not given
To bloom on earth and Blossom in Heaven”

Take care Christine, Ireland is thinking of you and God is helping you even though you cannot see it yet.
God bless
-Monday, 3 Sep, 2001, 22:23:29 GMT

Deirdre Fenlon

Braine-l’Alleud, /  Belgium
* Just Surfed In! *
 url: http://
Words cannot fully express the overwhelming sadness I feel about the outcome of the search for little Deirdre Crowley. Such a beautiful litle girl, those lovely, shining eyes. Such a waste! Hopefully this tragedy will serve the purpose of making sure that this cannot happen again to others. For Deirdres’ mother and family, may God go with you and give you the courage to go forward.
-Monday, 3 Sep, 2001, 22:01:29 GMT

Rita O Hare

dublin,  Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
 url: http://
My thoughts are with all those families out there who are missings loved ones.  Keep up the good work.
-Monday, 3 Sep, 2001, 00:24:46 GMT


Aquinas Duffy

Tallaght, Dublin Ireland

May I express my deepest sympathy to Christine and her family. For many months now the face of Deirdre has been one that all surfers to this website have been familiar with. It is perhaps sad that her face was not known to the people of Clonmel until the tragic events of last Thursday. I pray for Christine and her family and indeed also for all the Crowley family for whom all of these events are also a great tragedy. I hope that we can all learn from these events and help to prevent a further tragedy. If you visit the links page, you will see details of two similar cases who are currently in Ireland and who have also remained at large for the last year.

-Sunday, 2 Sep, 2001, 14:13:28 GMT

david linehan

cork, cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *

On Behalf of my family and myself we extend our deepest sympathy to Christine
O Sullivan and her family. Little Deirdre will always be in our thoughts, and Prayers, as will Christine and her Family.
With your inner eye, every star you see,
by night as you pray.
Lay a million more unseen,
lost in the milkyway.

-Saturday, 1 Sep, 2001, 22:13:28 GMT

Paul Hewson

Springfield, Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Your dedication and hard work towards such a good cause is an inspiration to those of us who are loosing faith in Catholicism and Humanity.
-Friday, 31 Aug, 2001, 21:41:31 GMT

Bairbre Uí Theighneáin

Tullamore, Offaly Ireland

I was just thinking of the delight of the people whose relative turned up in Columbia and the despair of the lady in Cork who will never hold her little girl again. I just wanted to let you know that I am shedding a tear and saying a prayer for all the missing and their relatives.
-Friday, 31 Aug, 2001, 15:50:39 GMT

JNJ Branagan

Preston, Lancashire England
* Through media advertisement *

Are you aware of any Irish sites dedicated to reuniting adopted children with their birth parents who are Irish.
-Wednesday, 29 Aug, 2001, 11:42:22 GMT

John Delaney

London, england
* Through media advertisement *

just to say that this site is a very good idea and l hope that you have a lot of luck in finding the people listed. l will keep my eyes and ears open for any information
-Tuesday, 28 Aug, 2001, 14:38:58 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

-Tuesday, 28 Aug, 2001, 00:53:30 GMT

martina byrne

dublin, Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

-Sunday, 26 Aug, 2001, 21:33:37 GMT


DUBLIN, Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

-Sunday, 26 Aug, 2001, 17:52:11 GMT

Sarah Ryan

Tipperary Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

-Sunday, 26 Aug, 2001, 08:01:49 GMT

Esperanza Garcia-Vallejo

Morristown, USA
* Just Surfed In! *

-Sunday, 26 Aug, 2001, 03:18:49 GMT

Damien Geoghegan

dungarvan, waterford Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *
excellent initiative, keep up the good work.
-Sunday, 26 Aug, 2001, 00:24:31 GMT

Margaret O’ Connor

Ferbane, OFFALY Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

-Saturday, 25 Aug, 2001, 14:12:46 GMT

Bryan Alan Mullin

Warrington, Cheshire U.K
* Through media advertisement *
A wonderful site,keep up the good work
-Saturday, 25 Aug, 2001, 13:34:15 GMT

Zena O’Riordan

Cork, Cork Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Words cannot describe my saddness.
I hope my prayers are enough.

-Saturday, 25 Aug, 2001, 12:29:25 GMT

Kevin Summersby

New Zealand
* A Search Engine *

Hi from New Zealand
-Saturday, 25 Aug, 2001, 09:02:00 GMT

Gerardine Cooper

Wicklow Ireland
* Through media advertisement *
Congratulations to Fr. Duffy on the website which is really excellent. Be assured of my prayers & my thoughts are with
those who are tortured by the unknown.
-Thursday, 23 Aug, 2001, 10:15:03 GMT

Shelley Thompson

San Diego, USA USA
* Through media advertisement *

great site you guys!
-Thursday, 23 Aug, 2001, 00:58:35 GMT

Norma Jean (Coyle) Williams

Savanna, Carroll USA
* Through another missing persons site *

-Monday, 20 Aug, 2001, 03:52:03 GMT

Dimitri O’Donnell

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Congratulations to Fr Duffy for establishing such a valuable website for the families of missing persons.

Best of luck with the website.

-Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2001, 12:59:36 GMT

Yvonne Power

Co. Waterford Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I was a little shocked to see the amount of people who are missing in Ireland. I will visit again and hopefully see some progress. As a young person, it makes me grateful for the family and friends I have. We all live in hope.
-Friday, 10 Aug, 2001, 20:42:03 GMT

Yvonne Doran

Limerick, Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Always in my thoughts.
-Tuesday, 7 Aug, 2001, 23:32:29 GMT


* A Search Engine *
 url: http://

I am desperately trying to trace my father Brian Francis McCarthy. We have had no contact for almost 40 years after he and my mother seperated when I was 2.  I visited dublin recently and got a copy of their marriage certificate which led me to manor kilbride in wicklow I was told he had moved to kildare 20 – 30 yrs before but I could find no further trace.

Any information would be most gratefully appreciated

-Monday, 6 Aug, 2001, 17:19:21 GMT

maureen lorraine mulready

kalamazoo, kalamazoo usa
* A Search Engine *

-Thursday, 2 Aug, 2001, 18:20:37 GMT

Joyce Bernadette Leahy

Tralee, Kerry Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

So many people missing – so many hearts broken. There has got to be answers out there.
-Tuesday, 31 Jul, 2001, 11:07:06 GMT

Sandra Dunne

Offaly Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Just a short note to congratulate you on a wonderul site. This may bring to light the effect a missing person has on their family. Though if this is by their own choice I believe it is very selfish of them not to let their loved ones know they are alive and well.

I went to school with Fiona Pender and am still shocked by her dissapearance, and finding it hard to believe it has been so long without any sightings of her. Hopefully your website will help. Fiona’s family has had so much tragedy in the last 5 years that I am praying things turn out for the best, and that her mother’s mind will be put to rest soon.
-Sunday, 29 Jul, 2001, 18:28:37 GMT

Aisling O Leary

Cork, Ireland Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Peirce!!!! If your logged in…just ring home, let them know you are OK…. we are all worried sick about you…..
All our love… every single one of your friends…dont be afraid to let us know you are safe…. love u loads.

-Thursday, 26 Jul, 2001, 23:30:04 GMT

John Fitzmaurice

Rochester-upon-Medway, Kent England
* Link *

Great idea, you have my full support, if there’s anything I can do to help just e-mail me, maybe a link to your site or a Ad promoting your site. Good Luck…………Fitzy
-Friday, 20 Jul, 2001, 22:32:40 GMT

Michael McNulty

Brighton, East Sussex England
* Link *

Dear Fr. Aquinas, glad you brought the missing persons problem to my attention. I am happy to help by adding a link and placing a notice on my notice board. They will included in the next revision. Check next week under ‘Lookhere’. I will advise others about your work, good luck. Slan Michael
-Thursday, 19 Jul, 2001, 16:41:06 GMT

Eileen Bradley (Alan’s sister)

Cooktown, North Queensland, Australia
* Just Surfed In! *

I would just like to thank Fr. Aquinas for setting up this website. It’s so good to be able to log on from Australia and read messages from friends and family back home, but mostly just to see my brother. Miss you Alan.

-Tuesday, 10 Jul, 2001, 03:50:20 GMT

Justine Bishop (nee Edwards)

London, England
* Link *

Am grateful to have found a site for Ireland! Would be grateful for any info. on the Mulready/Hearne families. Doreen Hearne, daughter of James & Dorothy born C1936. Living at 209 Landon Rd, Ballyfermott, Co. Dublin in 1953. Brendon Mulready, based at army barracks in Dublin in 1953. They married & had at least 2 children Faith & Brian (?) and were all living in Birmingham, England in the mid 1970’s. Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me.
-Thursday, 5 Jul, 2001, 14:23:25 GMT



now england!  Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

what a wonderfull site……..I am a reunited first mother with my birth son thanks to the wonderfull people at the APA (adopted peoples association) www.adoptionireland.com

Keep up the good work, and I hope you have many happy reunions

anna brown
first mother to Neil 22-12-81
reunited with Neil 13-11-00
-Friday, 29 Jun, 2001, 20:58:52 GMT


* Just Surfed In! *
Great site, really had a great visit, keep up the work….freddy
-Friday, 29 Jun, 2001, 14:28:00 GMT

Trina Bradley

Kildare  Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
 url: http://

Two weeks ago Ollie & Niamh got married and it was a great day.  Alan, your  presence was sadly missed.  Fin is home from Auz. Your nieces & nephews talk about you all the time. We wish you would call us. 
Love Trina, Mam, Dad, all the family & friends.
-Thursday, 21 Jun, 2001, 16:23:45 GMT


David Linehan

cork, cork  Ireland
* A Search Engine *
 url: http://
I am sad to see from the Gardai web site missing persons section, that three more people are missing in this country.
My prayers and thoughts are with them and their families,I pray for there safe return.
-Wednesday, 20 Jun, 2001, 22:01:30 GMT

Lynda Rowan

Jacksonville, Duval  USA
* A friend gave me your address *

Speaking from the heart, I know the misery and pain missing a loved one is. My brother John Rowan has been missing for 4 months now. There is nothing worse than having to wake up each day, realizing what you hoped to be a nightmare is still haunting you through the day. Not knowing is the hardest part of the battle. I will never give up, if it takes as long as I live, for I know the love my brother had for me and his entire family. For all those people out there, know that you are not alone. And for those who have been blessed to never endure this pain, remember to cherish each moment and never hold back your love. The single most important thing I have learned through my struggle is make time today for today, and leave tomorrow for tomorrow. You don’t know what you will wake up with. Good luck and God bless to all those who know my pain. And a special thank you to this site.
-Tuesday, 19 Jun, 2001, 00:36:44 GMT

Rebecca Cully

Tallaght, Dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
Myself and my family are looking for Alan Bradley (my cousin), who has been missing over a year and a half. We are very worried and a phonecall could make all the difference. I live in  Springfield Parish where Fr Aquinas is a priest. I think your work is great. I hope you get some news from your missing relative. Keep up the good work. It is much appreciated. 

Rebecca Cully.
-Tuesday, 12 Jun, 2001, 22:19:08 GMT

Trevor Walsh

Mullingar, Ireland

This site has touched my heart for the plight of the families. May the blessings of the Bhudda shine on the soul of Paul McQuaid. I think using milk cartons to raise awareness of these tragic events is a good idea.

-Monday, 4 Jun, 2001, 17:56:11 GMT

david thomas linehan

cork, cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *

On behalf of my family and myself I wish to express our sympathy to the family and friends of the late Paul McQuaid,and we offer our prayers that Mrs Shanahan,mother of Aengus Shanahan recovers from her illness soon.
David linehan
-Sunday, 3 Jun, 2001, 09:43:27 GMT


Paula Joyce Green

St. Louis, Franklin U.S.A.
* Just Surfed In! *

Hey, I just wanted to say, I think this sight is really groovy. It’s awesome, just like the Irish people!
-Thursday, 31 May, 2001, 17:33:04 GMT

Alan Collins

Nottingham, Notts England
* Link *

Your site is a wonderful resource for all those searching for their missing loved ones.

Good luck to all those searching .. Godbless.
-Thursday, 31 May, 2001, 12:01:49 GMT

sandra mooney

tipperary Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
best of luck to all relatives searching for people
-Tuesday, 29 May, 2001, 21:23:53 GMT

Sean and Amy murphy

Belgard Tallaght Dublin Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Enjoyed surfing your webpage very interesting.Will log on soon.
-Monday, 28 May, 2001, 21:57:45 GMT

david thomas linehan

cork, cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *

just checking in to let all who have loved ones still missing know that i am still here and ,and doing all I can to help,you are in my thoughts and prayers.
-Monday, 28 May, 2001, 20:31:44 GMT

Kathy Capaci

Phoenix, USA
* Through another missing persons site *

You have a wonderful website that I am sure will help many families. I hope you find your cousin, Aengus, safe and sound.God bless you.
-Friday, 25 May, 2001, 07:56:33 GMT

Caroline Rowan

Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A.

Thank You for adding my husband John Rowan to this site. He is missing since Feb. 23 2001. We have two young children who miss their Daddy very much. Hopefully this extra exposure will help us with our search. We are not giving up hope.Please pray for his safety.Thank You.
-Thursday, 24 May, 2001, 01:37:41 GMT



Rhona de Beer

Durban, Natal, South Africa
* A Search Engine *
I am searching for my mother, Patricia Anne O Malley.

-Tuesday, 22 May, 2001, 18:02:39 GMT


David Thomas Linehan

Cork, Cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *
On behalf of my family and myself, we wish to sincerly thank Father Aquinas Duffy and all involved with this essential website.

We also wish to thank everybody who has visited this website and who have taken an interest, my father went missing on the 3/1/01, we layed my father to rest on the 10/5/01, we are now in a position to grieve. Of this, we’re thankful. I pledge my support to those who still have loved ones missing and I promise that I will do all humanly possible to bring an end to the suffering, our torment is over but my fight to have measures put in place by the appropriate authorities to ease the suffering of others has just begun and will continue until all that can be done will be done.

Yours Sincerly,
David Thomas Linehan.

-Sunday, 13 May, 2001, 16:55:14 GMT


Theresa Goggin

Cork, cork Ireland
* A Search Engine *

Very Interesing and appropriate info, Best of luck with each case and I’ll promote the name of this site to all my friends.
Maybe it would be useful if you advertisd this more I have always been very interested in this type of thing but I never knew about the website until I used a search engine to look for an Irish Poet and this was a resullt!
-Saturday, 12 May, 2001, 15:08:47 GMT

Gladstone Aguiar Duarte

* Just Surfed In! *

ARE YOU SEARCHING LOST RELATIVES ? I make E-mail’ and surnames’ list, (can be english, italian, french, germany, austrian, spanish).////ciroduarte@yahoo.com.br
-Saturday, 12 May, 2001, 03:33:54 GMT

Angeline Scanlon

Sligo Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

i think this web site is a great idea because not only will people in ireland know about the people in ireland missing but the world knows too and there is a greater chance of finding the missing people.
-Friday, 11 May, 2001, 11:59:19 GMT

Philomena Sweeney

Los Angeles, California USA
* A Search Engine *

We are desperate to find JOE GLENNON, he spent time with my brother Anthony Sweeney in the Artane Boy’s Home in the 1960s. We still have family in Fatima that NEED to get in touch with him. He was an orphan but spent most of his weekends with us when we were growing up! PLEASE we are desperate to find him, if you have ANY information, email me ASAP…..it will be MOST appreciated. Thank you all very much for your time!!!!!!!!!!
-Thursday, 10 May, 2001, 06:20:05 GMT


Brian Sheeran

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Link *

I would like to wish you the best of luck in your bid to find your loved ones, God bless.
-Saturday, 21 Apr, 2001, 18:08:31 GMT

colleen moran

dublin, dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

keep up the good work and hopefully the majority of these cases have a happy ending
-Sunday, 15 Apr, 2001, 01:20:26 GMT

Tracy-Leigh Tallant

Christchurch, Dublin Ireland
* A Search Engine *

I am numb-struck of how many people go missing every year. I wish all family & loved ones of missing persons my prayers & may u reach closure somehow, some day. & Aquinas, your site will make a difference to many people – thank you.
-Thursday, 12 Apr, 2001, 01:57:48 GMT

peter casey

CORK, CORK Ireland

Just browsed and discovered your site. keep up the good work. Only for you every body would give up. I’ll keep an eye and an ear open and pass this on two my friends .Its like the story goes I wonder why only god knows. 
-Tuesday, 10 Apr, 2001, 00:47:51 GMT

Clodagh Farrell

Leitrim Ireland
* A Search Engine *

just like to say best of luck in finding him!i hope your mind is put a rest soon, it must be awful for you all going through such a tramatic experience.good luck
-Friday, 6 Apr, 2001, 10:23:51 GMT

Patti-Sally Kruse

Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein Germany
* A friend gave me your address *

I search for many years for my father Lawrence Donnellan, it is very hard because I could not find him. It is important for me to find him, there is no one left in my german family I can ask for..please dooes someone know a man now ca. 60 or a few years older ..Lawrence is only one part of his first name. My grandmother told me that he was from northern ireland, he likes cooking very much, when he was younger he had brown hair…
I know not much but, but with every part of my heart I will find him…
Please, does someone know just a little about this man, his family, …

Please help me if you can
-Tuesday, 3 Apr, 2001, 06:24:05 GMT

Webmaster Note: A contact address was found

Heather Cobain

Limerick, Limerick Ireland
* A Search Engine *

-Monday, 2 Apr, 2001, 18:19:05 GMT

Jari Peltonen

Tampere, FINLAND
* Just Surfed In! *

Greetings from Finland.
-Saturday, 31 Mar, 2001, 07:44:28 GMT

michael keag

belfast, down Ireland
* A Search Engine *

Was just looking to see if there was any info on my old school mate Sean Ryan, who dissapeared 2nd september 1998. If he reads this he should come home or at least let someone know that he is o.k.
-Friday, 30 Mar, 2001, 12:27:48 GMT

Beverly Brennan

Fowlerville, Livingston United States
* A Search Engine *

I keep coming back and looking at the faces.I know I live a long way off but I will know them if I see them here in the states. May God bless them all and surround them with love no matter where they are. Someday you will be together again
-Saturday, 24 Mar, 2001, 03:01:09 GMT

pj cummins

tipperary, tipperary Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

congratulations on a wonderful site lets hope one day that they will be reunited with family and friends. congratulations to you again.
-Friday, 23 Mar, 2001, 22:37:36 GMT

Megan Mary Reed

Ephrata, Lancatser USA
* A Search Engine *

JOHN WALSH!!!!! if you see this message please write back. Your family misses you and I want to know who my godfather is. My mom Patsy misses you!! Peter, Debbie,and Denise all miss you as well. please return this message if you see it. please stop hiding from the past. Your family needs you.

your god daughter,
Megan Mary

-Thursday, 22 Mar, 2001, 14:57:20 GMT

margaret carty

wicklow, wicklow Ireland
* A Search Engine *

my sympathy to all families with missing people.
-Monday, 19 Mar, 2001, 17:16:55 GMT


carlow Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

i never really thought about the turmoil that families must go through in situations like this.the photo’s on the front page are a reminder.
-Monday, 19 Mar, 2001, 05:24:38 GMT


ruth conlon

sligo, sligo Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

People have a right to disappear, but they should think about what there are doing to their friends and family and the pain that they are causing. If they are alive they should get in contact with someone. They dont have to reveal their location just as long as they let someone know they are safe and well! Having said all that I hope everyone on this site is found safe and well!
love always
ruthy conlon
-Friday, 16 Mar, 2001, 22:11:42 GMT

Thomas E Roche.

Dublin 11, Dublin Ireland
* Through another missing persons site *

Thanks to every one who helped to search for my sister RITA ROCHE.

-Monday, 5 Mar, 2001, 14:26:56 GMT

Claudia Coakley

Carlow Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

My thoughts & prayers are with each and every one who is searching for a loved one. Don’t ever lose your faith that you will be reunited with them. I hope more people become aware of others and try to help in any little way they can. Always in my thoughts.
-Friday, 2 Mar, 2001, 21:27:02 GMT



Lynice Lewis

Uniontown, Perry United States
* Just Surfed In! *

Im very sorry to hear about the missing people on these reports. i wish and hope that someone or anyone that has information concerning these cases would come foward and give details. Help to bring peace to the family of these people.
-Thursday, 1 Mar, 2001, 16:58:00 GMT

Daniel Sullivan

Bay Shore, Suffolk U.S.A.
* Just Surfed In! *

Am a retired N.Y.P.D. Lieutenant and was interested in your efforts. I have seen too many times the misery that haunts the families of missing persons. My wife is a native of County Clare , and we are in Ireland annually.
-Wednesday, 28 Feb, 2001, 21:12:04 GMT

julian buckley

dublin, dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
-Friday, 23 Feb, 2001, 18:59:20 GMT

monica mc morrow


-Friday, 23 Feb, 2001, 18:55:45 GMT


kildare, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

I thought that this was a very moving and evocative site.
-Thursday, 22 Feb, 2001, 00:22:33 GMT


* Just Surfed In! *

I think it is sad to see how many people have to cope with relatives that go missing. It is shocking to see a story about a father who took his daughter and the mother has not seen her since. I do hope she will be found.

-Saturday, 17 Feb, 2001, 22:06:14 GMT


keith brennan

Manchester, Lancashire UK
* A Search Engine *

No one deserves what you are all going through. We wish you all the best and hope one day you will all be re-united.
Keith & Cammy.
-Tuesday, 13 Feb, 2001, 17:11:29 GMT

David Linehan

cork, cork Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

My Father Thomas Linehan is missing, since 3,1,2001.
I cannot explain what my family and myself are suffering, only those who are
in this position will understand, and those who are not in this position, I hope never do come to understand.
To those who are missing loved ones, if during my search for my Dad, I see a person who is missing, I will escort the person to a Garda Station. I ask those who see a missing person to do this also.
If for some reason you can’t do this, draw attention to the person so somebody who is capable will.
Finally to all who read this, if because of one act that you may do, no matter how small it may seem to you, brings this kind of suffering to an end, it will have you remembered with gratitude for ever.

David Linehan.

-Sunday, 11 Feb, 2001, 12:06:04 GMT

*Found Deceased 14 April 2001

Sean Kelly

Dublin Ireland
My prayers and thoughts are with the families.
This is about the Men only.
A lot of men enlist in the French Foreign Legion for very different personal reasons.Broken hearts,no future,owe money,are in some danger,or just for adventure.
The Legion offers total privacy to any successful recruit, if he chooses he will not have any contact with the outside world for as long as he wishes.
I know it may be hard for families to try to think of a reason why their loved one has gone away but it happens.
He could be overseas,South America Africa anywhere left the Legion and entered civilian life in any country.

You can get the address of the Legion in Aubagne, Southern France from the French Embassay, the Legion will only talk to you in person.

All the above may seem a bit far fetched to the ordinary civilian, but it happens and ive known Men who have literally dissapeared off the face of the Earth and enlisted.

Again my prayers and thoughts are with you.
-Wednesday, 7 Feb, 2001, 12:41:02 GMT

Webmaster’s Note: You can find out more  at the French Foreign Legion website

Rosalind Griffin

San Francisco, usa usa
* Just Surfed In! *
My thoughts are with gussie Shanahan’s family I hope you hear something thats eases the tourment of wondering. Im a Limerick girl and gussie’s name sounded familier to me when I found the website a few months back I went on today to see if anything new had come up. my ears and eyes are open good luck in the search and may God keep you strong.
-Monday, 5 Feb, 2001, 10:35:35 GMT

Dan Barron

Bridgeport, NY USA
* Just Surfed In! *

I was in Ireland, Dublin specifically, for a few days after business in London. I stayed at a hotel with a friend off  Baggot Street and was very moved by the posters of Trevor Deely on every telephone pole and in many shop windows. Everywhere I looked there was his face. His face still remains fresh in my mind. I sincerely hope that he is found safe and sound. My prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

-Thursday, 1 Feb, 2001, 16:16:49 GMT



Catherine Maher

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

My prayerful support for the families and their missing loved ones. Hope they will all be reunited soon.
-Wednesday, 31 Jan, 2001, 00:31:22 GMT


* Link *

thanks, may God bless you asn keep you close to His own heart.
-Monday, 29 Jan, 2001, 16:13:39 GMT

Laurence Vincent Keenan

Newport, South Wales UK
* A friend gave me your address *

Thank u for being there to help people like me in their search for lost loved ones. I appreciate it very much
Good luck to all those searching & God Bless you all.
-Sunday, 28 Jan, 2001, 21:35:23 GMT

Michael O’Brien

Dublin, Ireland
* A Search Engine *

Good to see an Irish site trying to help people!!

-Sunday, 28 Jan, 2001, 15:02:24 GMT

Lisa Cunningham

Cork Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Wishing you all good luck….
-Friday, 26 Jan, 2001, 18:42:39 GMT

Paul Hayes

Ennis, Clare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those that are missing, God only knows what you are going through, its something I hope I never have to experience. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
-Friday, 26 Jan, 2001, 05:10:41 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

-Friday, 26 Jan, 2001, 00:33:46 GMT

Chemaine McCann

Gorey, Wexford Ireland
* A Search Engine *

-Wednesday, 24 Jan, 2001, 20:10:12 GMT

Eddy P.

denpasar, bali Indonesia
* A Search Engine *

nice page
-Wednesday, 24 Jan, 2001, 00:31:41 GMT

Mag Shamhrain

cavan Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

just browsing, a great page and a great service, God bless your work,
-Wednesday, 24 Jan, 2001, 00:25:35 GMT

Patricia Connolly

Melbourne, Australia
* Link *

I found your page through St. Theresa’s church Sion Mills. I wish you every success in finding these people. It must be awful not to know where your loved ones are, you will all be in my prayers, GOOD LUCK.
-Sunday, 21 Jan, 2001, 13:06:48 GMT


Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

-Friday, 19 Jan, 2001, 09:54:27 GMT

Anthony Doyle

Dublin, dublin Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

-Friday, 19 Jan, 2001, 09:18:28 GMT

nicola fitzgerald

glasnevin, dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

-Friday, 19 Jan, 2001, 09:11:40 GMT

Linda Hennessy

Limerick Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I saw you on Open House Today and when I heard the name ‘Gussie’ Shanahan it rang a bell. I am from Limerick and saw your posters in the city. I am totally moved by your story and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Yours sincerly,
Linda Hennessy.

-Thursday, 18 Jan, 2001, 19:41:22 GMT


CORK, CORK Ireland

I`m a friend of Pearse Cremin from Cork who is one of the missing people on this site .On behalf of Dunbar Celtic (Pearse’s soccer team ) and myself I would like to thank all who took part in creating this site and to those who log in and show an interest. We wish all the families and friends of missing people the best of luck in finding their loved ones .Jonny Reid & Dunbar Celtic
-Thursday, 18 Jan, 2001, 17:35:01 GMT

Helen Hall

kilrush, clare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I hope you find them or receive confirmation that they are alright.
-Thursday, 18 Jan, 2001, 17:15:26 GMT


Shauna Weir

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I think your site is very beneficial. I looked through every person just in case i recognised anyone. Unfortunately i didn’t. Best of luck and i hope all the people return safely.
-Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2001, 16:19:44 GMT

Fiona Margaret Daly

Co. Tipperary Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Well done on such a well presented site. Its good to know someone somewhere cares! keep up the good work. Best wishes
-Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2001, 10:25:25 GMT

Mary Nolan

London, England
* A friend gave me your address *
Hello hoping that someone can help in finding our brother-Hugh Nolan. thank you to our relations and friends in USA.We appreciate all the support and hope for a happy ending, the Nolan family .
-Tuesday, 16 Jan, 2001, 14:26:46 GMT

Donna Seeley

* Just Surfed In! *

By Donna Seeley, C-2000
The Long Wait
The days pass quite lonely,
Since Gussie has gone.
We do not much but wait,
From daylight to dawn.
He lives in our hearts,
The other’s missing too.
Where God know our sorrow,
Where nights are blue.,
Of, God in your Heaven,
I ask in this prayer.
Would you find the missing,
And bring them back,
Please bless their loved
Then help ease their grief,
For Ireland missing people,
I ask God of thee.
God bless, Love Donna

-Sunday, 14 Jan, 2001, 20:26:12 GMT

William Travers

dublin, dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

l think it is a great idea what you have here and what you have set up the garda dont even have a site like this. What do you think of the idea in the states where they have missing people on milk cartons ie pictures of missing peaple you should petition the dairy companies in ireland.
-Friday, 12 Jan, 2001, 01:45:44 GMT


Padraig B. Mc Donagh

Houston, Texas U.S.A.
* Just Surfed In! *

Good luck with your page. I hope you recover everybody, one thing I suggest is that you contact the “Irish Voice” newspaper. It is a hugely read Irish paper over in the USA. If there was any suggestion of anyone living in or around the Texas area that are missing, please feel free to email me and I will gladly post it for you. Good luck

-Tuesday, 9 Jan, 2001, 20:08:24 GMT



Elaine Beecher

Dublin, Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

It is a shame we need such a site.
Keep up the good work
-Tuesday, 9 Jan, 2001, 14:48:53 GMT

Louise Geaney

Clare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I think this website can give hope to people who have had a loved one go missing.
I luckily enough have not had that pain.
But I do hope that you and all the other families of missing people get some bit of hope from this site.

-Monday, 8 Jan, 2001, 14:03:08 GMT

Frances Margaret McKernan

Dundalk Town, Louth Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

I have just been browsing through the site and have found it most interesting.
It is so hard to comprehend how a realtive could go missing without trace.
I can only imagine how difficult and heartbreaking it must be for the families concerned – every day hoping that today will be the day they will hear news. My heart goes out to you all. I appauld your strength and courage every day. Keep up the good work – lets hope and pray that one day it will pay off.
-Thursday, 4 Jan, 2001, 01:03:55 GMT

Ruby Mc Mahon

Ballymena, Co Antrim
* Through another missing persons site *

I did not sign the guest book when I frist found this site. Thanks for putting my message on this site. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks.
-Monday, 1 Jan, 2001, 20:35:31 GMT

Lorraine Hughes

Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Keep up the good work.
Best wishes

-Thursday, 28 Dec, 2000, 18:22:18 GMT

Frank Peters

* Through media advertisement *

Good luck — I hope much happiness will result from your endeavours.
-Thursday, 28 Dec, 2000, 08:04:20 GMT

David Noel Creagh

dublin, dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

living in the area of baggot st where Trevor Deely went missing.Wishing and praying that he and all other missing persons come home soon
-Sunday, 24 Dec, 2000, 19:02:54 GMT

Michael Duffy

* Just Surfed In! *

An excellent ‘SITE’
I was involved in the investigation of Margaret Glennon, Baldoyle a couple of years ago. Matter still open. If anyone reading this message can throw up some light, please contact me in “complete confidence”.
I pray for the loved ones of all those missing, especially as we approach Christmas.
-Friday, 22 Dec, 2000, 01:10:38 GMT

Al Norton

East Islip NY, Suffolk USA
* Through media advertisement *
AOH Division 7 East Islip NY
An amazing site! Hopefully it will be networked through out the world via the internet.
More hopefully, everyone missing will be accounted for!
Good Luck and God Bless!
-Thursday, 21 Dec, 2000, 20:48:05 GMT


John Quinn

Sion Mills, Tyrone Ireland
* Link *
St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church Sion Mills Tyrone
What a great site you have Aquinas. you are giving hope to those who have suffered such terrible losses. I commend you for your very worthwhile efforts to help trace those who have gone missing. They, and you, are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
-Sunday, 17 Dec, 2000, 16:23:45 GMT


* Just Surfed In! *

Once again I have looked through your files.And emailed it on to others . I have been able to find other sites to look for my friends Michael Ryan + John Plunket thanks to you and may the great work you do be blessed. May you have a good result for christmas. From Karl Keegan Ballyfermot OLD………
-Sunday, 17 Dec, 2000, 00:05:21 GMT

aisling higgins

sutton, dublin Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

just writing to wish u all the best with your searches and the people who are missing and their families are in my prayers.
-Saturday, 16 Dec, 2000, 18:05:16 GMT

Gerard Carroll

dublin, tallaght Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

what can I say I feel so sorry. Please god everything will turn out for everybody. I will pray that it will.
-Friday, 15 Dec, 2000, 22:07:28 GMT

Reiltin Shanahan

Limerick, Limerick Ireland


I am Gussie’s sister and again I would like to thank Aquinas for all he has done for missing people. There was a real need in Ireland for a site like this where people could go in and view all Irish Missing people. Everytime I come in here there are more and more people’s families with their loved ones up on the noticeboard. Aquinas is one man who has certainly provided a forum of support to the families of missing people. I would also like to thank everyone for all they have done for our family in our quest to find Aengus. May you all have a Happy Xmas
-Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2000, 17:30:05 GMT

Donald Breen

Amherst, Lorain USA

God bless your efforts and may they bear fruit to all.
I learned of this site in the Ancient Order of Hibernians national newsletter in the states.
-Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2000, 02:35:08 GMT



CORK Ireland
* Link *

Great to see a site like this so well presented for such a good cause. It is one of the many wonders of life how people suddenly decide to drop everything tell no one and just leave for a new life. Sometimes I suppose people are fed up with their lives and instead of ending their lives completely which unfortunately some people do,  these people choose to start life again in some other place as another person entirely. If a person does not want to be found maybe we should not try to find them, maybe there were problems in their lives that we were not aware of and going back to their old lives might bring back these problems again.
Keep up the good work.
-Tuesday, 12 Dec, 2000, 14:56:42 GMT


Lara McCann

wexford Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *

Hope you find these people. God bless them and their loved ones. Help them to solve these mysteries
-Wednesday, 6 Dec, 2000, 14:35:02 GMT

John Tobin

Dublin, Ireland
* A Search Engine *

Very impressed with your website.
Hope it helps to find missing persons and helps to ease so many families pain and grief.

Best of luck
-Tuesday, 5 Dec, 2000, 10:27:37 GMT

Micheal Doyle

Dublin, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

If you do one thing in your life contact your family or relative or friend to let them know you are alright and that will put there worries at ease god bless the families of the missing and the missing
-Monday, 4 Dec, 2000, 23:01:25 GMT

Julie Hayes

Dublin, Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Thinking of all the missing people, their friends and families.
-Monday, 4 Dec, 2000, 22:48:27 GMT

Jeffrey Rockett

* Through media advertisement *

Dear Fr. Duffy,

My name is jeffrey rockett and I live in limerick.I am the Irish rep. in the Childrens Parliament of the World.After watching would you believe on sunday morning I said to myself I had to see this site and congratulate you and thank you on behalf of the children of Ireland.This sort of site has been long overdue in Ireland.
I have seen many of the posters and flyers about your cousin Aengus around the town and I would like to offer my best wishes and hope that he will be found.

-Monday, 4 Dec, 2000, 20:22:33 GMT


* A friend gave me your address *


-Sunday, 3 Dec, 2000, 21:56:45 GMT

diane benson

* A friend gave me your address *

hoping ye find your loved ones.
-Sunday, 3 Dec, 2000, 21:39:50 GMT

Maria Brennan

Kilkenny Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Dont know what to say as I feel such sadness for the people missing, and the people searching for them. I think often of Deirdre Jacob who is not on the site, and wonder who is helping her family. I originally come from Newbridge, just a few hundred yards from her home,- if I still lived there, my kids would be walking on the same road as she was when she went missing – somebody must be able to help her family.

-Sunday, 3 Dec, 2000, 13:14:54 GMT

Webmaster’s Note: Deirdre Jacob’s case was added to the site on 21 Feb 2001 at the request of her father.

Abina Ni Dhuill

Dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I heard about this site on the tele the other night and visited the web site to look through the pictures and information. It is very upsetting to think about what these people and their families must be going through. I have prayed for them and light a candle.

Take Care,

-Saturday, 2 Dec, 2000, 21:42:18 GMT

Maureen McGill

* Link *
I saw the end of the TV program the other night. I found the programe very moving.
-Saturday, 2 Dec, 2000, 19:08:12 GMT


* Through another missing persons site *

GREAT JOB ON YOUR SITE,,,Keep the hope going!!! Maybe if we all link up together,,,we can get some kids back home,,,,,I hope people take the time to look over some of the pictures of our links,,,,,

Lots of love from Canada,,,
Brassy Lady
-Saturday, 2 Dec, 2000, 05:00:22 GMT

Jessica Kiely

* A friend gave me your address *

Hope that all those missing people will be found and I pray for the families and friends that have to suffer the loss of their loved ones.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 23:45:00 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 23:04:11 GMT

celine kelly
* Through media advertisement *

-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 19:50:24 GMT

Wendy Christie

Kerry Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Great sight, keep up the good work.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 19:45:47 GMT

Brendan Hobdell

* A friend gave me your address *

Hello Aquinas the site is excellent but also its unfortunate that it has to exist at all.

Best wishes
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 16:11:34 GMT

Colin Hanley

Kildare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

“This is Major Tom to Ground Control”
(David Bowie)
Al,You are always in our thoughts and we pray that wherever you are, you are safe and well.

All the Lads
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 15:38:50 GMT

Gerard mc loughlin

kildare Ireland
* A friend gave me your address *

Saw W.Y.B. last night and was moved.
My thoughts and feelings are with the people involved, with a special thought to the family of Alan, who’s friendship is never far from our minds.
hope every thing is ok…..
from all the lads in Glengooley…Mayno
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 15:19:46 GMT

Karen Delahan

Kildare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I was waching the tv last night and I was toughed at what I watched. I was watching you on RTE . and I would just like to say my heart goes out for people who have loved ones missing. Keep up your good work. And you will be in my pyars
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 12:39:29 GMT

Niamh Donoghue

Mayo Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I saw the programme last night and I was shocked to realise how many I rish people were missing. I’ll definately pray for little Deirdre and for all the others that are missing.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 12:18:01 GMT

Noreen Therese Hogan

Limerick Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I am from Limerick and i watched “Would you Believe” last night and i thought it was a brillian idea. Keep up the good work!!
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 11:21:23 GMT

Karen McCarthy

Dun Laoghaire,
* Through media advertisement *

Programme on RTE was like a hug from those who understand what it’s like to lose someone you love like this. My prayers go to all those families suffering as I am. Pray for us all – many prayers are needed. Thank you. God bless.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 09:01:12 GMT

Niamh Carroll

* Through media advertisement *

I saw Would You Believe last night & it really struck a chord.I pray for all missing Irish people.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 08:28:57 GMT

Elaine Curran

* Through media advertisement *

Really enjoyed the progamme on RTE.Have passed on web address to my colleagues at work in hope it might help someone.
Keep up the good work
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 06:19:01 GMT

James F Carty

Palm Coast, Florida,
* A friend gave me your address *

I pray that the grace of God , the love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy spirit heal all those that believe in and come to him for help.I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 02:42:35 GMT

nina corrigan

dublin 4,
* Through media advertisement *

i hope that all those missing will be found safe and unharmed and that there families never give up hope in finding them.
-Friday, 1 Dec, 2000, 00:07:03 GMT

Jane Kelly

* Through another missing persons site *

As i have not seen my father who lives in Australia for 35 years. My heart and prayers are with all the familys of all the missing persons.
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 23:39:27 GMT


Dublin Ireland

I would just like to say my Heart goes out to all the Families any of these missing People. It’s hard to believe and also very worrying that People can disappear into thin air in such a small Country without a trace.

My prayers are with you.

-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 23:10:15 GMT

Dermot Kearns

* Through media advertisement *

Great work- I watched WYB
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 22:46:06 GMT

Claire Noons

Kildare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I hope all the families of the missing some how find peace and their suffering will ease, my best wishes and thoughts are with you.
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 22:45:02 GMT

April Woods

* Through media advertisement *

.I found the site very well laid out and easy to use.My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the missing.I hope your site reunites many families and ends their sufferings.
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 22:42:35 GMT

Martin Bedford

* Through media advertisement *

Aengus! Gussy
Come home, remember the good old days
YOUR Friend Martin Bedford
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 22:39:24 GMT

Sharon Nee

* Through media advertisement *

My thoughts and prayers with all their families
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 22:37:11 GMT

Denise Dunne

* Link *

just want to say my hopes and prayers are with you all, especially Chris O’Sullivan, Deirdre’s mum. We miss you desperately Deeda.
God Bless,
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 20:38:44 GMT

victor mc sweeney

* Through media advertisement *

what can one say,except that the missing and
their families can be at peace,and hope that their loved ones are ok,wheather here or in heaven.
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 12:56:59 GMT

Patrick Joseph Bartholmew O’Brien

* Just Surfed In! *

Just surfing on my brothers home web page,Lavally Web,and came across this missing web page.With God’s help they are all accounted for and he’s the only one who knows where they are and if it is his will to send them back he will. We will keep all of them in our prayers.
-Thursday, 30 Nov, 2000, 04:03:06 GMT

aoife barker

* Through media advertisement *

Stephen we all miss you!
-Wednesday, 29 Nov, 2000, 21:04:06 GMT

Dermot Prendergast

* Through media advertisement *

Great site (Never give up)
-Monday, 27 Nov, 2000, 23:13:15 GMT

eilish hurley

* Just Surfed In! *

very good web site keep up the good work
-Monday, 27 Nov, 2000, 19:54:02 GMT


Sean O’Connor

kildare Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

I will look in on this site from time to time and one day I hope that I just might be of some help to someone somewhere
-Sunday, 26 Nov, 2000, 21:47:02 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

we must open our eyes to see not judge
hope this site finds someone,my prayers are with the people left behind. Thinking of you all
-Sunday, 26 Nov, 2000, 20:48:09 GMT

jacky mulveen

* Just Surfed In! *
Birmingham Irish
If anyone is looking for anyone that might be in Birmingham e-mail me and I will post it on my site.
-Sunday, 26 Nov, 2000, 18:35:57 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

-Saturday, 25 Nov, 2000, 00:06:23 GMT

Maire Doohan

* Through media advertisement *

I think this website is a great idea and I am sure it will help many people to find loved ones who are either missing or have lost contact with them.
-Wednesday, 22 Nov, 2000, 21:29:17 GMT

Gerry Wallace

* Just Surfed In! *

-Wednesday, 22 Nov, 2000, 16:15:36 GMT

Manfred Baier

* A Search Engine *

Greetings from Germany
-Sunday, 19 Nov, 2000, 23:15:28 GMT


* Through media advertisement *
I would just like to say sorry for all the families & friends who have to go through this horrible thought of not knowing were there loved ones may be
I do not know how you are feeling but i will say a prayer for all of you out there who are grieving every day God bless you all.

-Saturday, 18 Nov, 2000, 13:08:50 GMT

Eric Steffensen

* Just Surfed In! *

I hope and pray that this website will help you find the missing people you are looking for. Best wishes and good luck.
-Friday, 17 Nov, 2000, 05:36:12 GMT

adrienne o brien

* A friend gave me your address *

great site. the very best of luck. I am trying to find Eamonn Mulligan who has been missing since february
-Sunday, 5 Nov, 2000, 23:04:21 GMT

Jacqui Smyth

* A friend gave me your address *
Did not know this site existed and if it were not for the guidance of Tom Brown, Ellen Coss’s brother I would never have found it.

It is a terrific site, keep up the good work.
-Friday, 6 Oct, 2000, 14:45:26 GMT



This is for the family of aengus shanahan,

from all the staff of chorus communications in limerick we wish you the best of luck and just to let you know our thoughts and prayers are with you always and we hope for the safe return of aengus.

and also that this website is very important to everyone who wishes to express their thoughts and wishes for all the families of those who are missing. Heres hoping those missing are found soon.

Love and best wishes –staff of chorus communications–

-Sunday, 1 Oct, 2000, 18:09:21 GMT

ann o halloran

* A friend gave me your address *

This is for the family of aengus shannahan,all our hopes and prayers are with you in you’re quest for aengus.

We are going on a pilgrimage to lourdes on the 2/10/00 and will pray for aengus safe return home.

-Sunday, 1 Oct, 2000, 17:36:08 GMT

F O’Connell

* Through media advertisement *

Just to say to the family of Gussie Shanahan and all the other missing persons- my prayers and hopes are with you all.
-Thursday, 21 Sep, 2000, 14:53:06 GMT

Lena Jasiak

* Through another missing persons site *
The Armchair Web Detective Find Missing Family Australia
Your site is an important one and a valuable tool to help those searching. Best wishes for continued success.
-Thursday, 21 Sep, 2000, 12:57:38 GMT

linda ringhouse

* Through another missing persons site *

My best friend Anne McCarrick went missing 7 years ago in Ireland. To this day nothing has been found and many other women have gone missing. Although I don’t think I will ever see her again, I can’t help but wonder what the Gardai could have done if they took this seriously from day one. I understand they have since been trained better in this field but now it’s too late. I have my own ideas as to who is involved in her death but the serial killer interest is very possible. I hope not another women will go missing for it is unbearable. Words cannot describe what family and friend go through.
-Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2000, 01:43:22 GMT

gerry mc kay

dublin 24,
* Through media advertisement *

i own my own security company gmk security consultants ltd and cover fast food outlets and pubs etc so will look around if any info received will pass it on.
-Tuesday, 12 Sep, 2000, 03:10:13 GMT

Paul White

* Through media advertisement *

It is so sad that people just seem to disappear from the face of the earth. Hopefully the day will come when everyone will be found safe and sound.
A few weeks ago on the TV show “20/20 downtown”, a show was dedicated to how people were just “going missing” in Ireland. It was a pretty sad show and made the Gardai (police) out to be fools. Maybe there are stalkers or serial killers at home that we have not caught. It is a scary thought. Hopefully this is not the case and hopefully the missing will come home . We can but hope.
-Friday, 8 Sep, 2000, 18:45:11 GMT

Frank Feighery

New York,
* Through media advertisement *

Saw article in the “Irish Echo” newspaper. I am National Editor of “National Hibernian Digest”, official newspaper of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America. We have members in 37 States. Is there a possibility that any of the Missing have come to the U.S.? If you think so I would be happy to give you space in our paper. This would probably only apply to younger people who have passports and came to the U.S. as tourists and stayed. There are thousands here who came here that way. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up this good and important work. My heart goes out to the families.
-Friday, 8 Sep, 2000, 12:27:04 GMT


Darina Egan

* Just Surfed In! *

This is a wonderful site as well as essential.
-Sunday, 3 Sep, 2000, 00:33:28 GMT

Patrick Delaney Garda Retired

* Through another missing persons site *

I have my Identikit Program
For describing persons missing or
otherwise. I would be glad to
help you.
-Friday, 1 Sep, 2000, 19:31:12 GMT

john mccarthy

* Through media advertisement *

best of luck in your quest.
-Wednesday, 30 Aug, 2000, 23:49:26 GMT

Mary McPeake

* Link *

-Tuesday, 29 Aug, 2000, 17:21:27 GMT

Lisa Coffey

* Link *

Best of luck with this site
-Tuesday, 29 Aug, 2000, 15:22:15 GMT

Shirley Collins

* Just Surfed In! *

excellent work has been done by all on this web site
kieep up the good work..i will visit this site again
-Tuesday, 29 Aug, 2000, 04:55:28 GMT

Maeve Fenton

* Through media advertisement *

-Monday, 28 Aug, 2000, 10:35:00 GMT

Declan McSweeney

* Through media advertisement *

This is a very commendable gesture. God bless you. Keep up the good work so that your cousin and other missing people, like my neighbour Fiona Pender, can be found. From Declan McSweeney
-Sunday, 27 Aug, 2000, 17:52:35 GMT

Sean Brennan

* Through media advertisement *

-Sunday, 27 Aug, 2000, 16:56:02 GMT

Tara Kerry

Kerry Ireland
* Just Surfed In! *
I would like to congratulate you on your site, as we know every year people vanish, as it seems, in to thin air, some families are fortunate enough to see their loved ones again, but others unfortunately live in what seems like a dark hole waiting for some word, whether it be good or bad. Through your site it may help or at the very least give hope. I wish you every success.
-Friday, 25 Aug, 2000, 21:48:30 GMT


* Just Surfed In! *

-Tuesday, 22 Aug, 2000, 09:41:36 GMT

Eimear Murphy

* A friend gave me your address *

-Monday, 21 Aug, 2000, 13:59:19 GMT

Derek Gough

Mid Glamorgan South Wales
* A friend gave me your address *

I think myself that we all ought to look at the subject of missing people with a different view and not just that they are missing and presumed ok when in actuall fact they might not be alright, it would also be better to sift through all the missing people and to put them into catergories of how they went missing and maybe why.
-Saturday, 19 Aug, 2000, 00:59:10 GMT

maria smart

* A friend gave me your address *

-Friday, 18 Aug, 2000, 02:39:06 GMT

brendan smyth

dublin Ireland
* Through media advertisement *

Greetings from Donabate

Great website. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families concerned.
Keep up the good work.

-Wednesday, 16 Aug, 2000, 20:34:42 GMT

Edward Curran

* Through media advertisement *

-Tuesday, 15 Aug, 2000, 21:13:30 GMT

Tom Tierney

* A Search Engine *

Bob, Nancy, roibeard, Grainne and Reil , ye are always in my thoughts and prayers. Website is a really good idea. Hope ye get some positive news soon. Love Tom.
-Tuesday, 15 Aug, 2000, 02:53:13 GMT

Emmet Fitzpatrick


i found the site way i was looking in a shop window. i will send this to all of my friends .My love goes out to the familys of these people .
-Monday, 14 Aug, 2000, 20:15:47 GMT

Heléne Wahlström

The Doe Network
Thank you for a very valuable site. Keep up the good work. I hope you will find your cousin.
Best Wishes,
-Monday, 14 Aug, 2000, 00:50:09 GMT

Teresa Kenefick

* Through media advertisement *

I wish you all the very best of luck in the future.You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
-Monday, 14 Aug, 2000, 00:03:20 GMT

Carolyn Leslie Butler

* A friend gave me your address *

-Sunday, 13 Aug, 2000, 20:01:54 GMT

grainne shanahan

This is just a quick note from Grainne Shanahan Aengus (Gussies) sister. I would just like to thank you all most sincerely for all your lovely notes and poems etc and for keeping Gussie and all other missing people in your thoughts and prayers.
Grainne & all the Shanahan family
-Sunday, 13 Aug, 2000, 19:06:53 GMT


* Through media advertisement *

-Sunday, 13 Aug, 2000, 12:19:50 GMT

Julianne Swords

* Through media advertisement *

-Saturday, 12 Aug, 2000, 04:11:28 GMT

Maria O’Gorman


Hi Aquinas,
Congratuations on the site, i hope that it will renuite missing people with their families.
Keep up the good work

-Friday, 11 Aug, 2000, 19:15:47 GMT

linda tucker o’brien

* Through media advertisement *

we are thinking of you and your family and your thoughts are in our prayers
-Thursday, 10 Aug, 2000, 20:53:24 GMT

Ray Mulcahy

Limerick City,
* Through media advertisement *

It is great to see a site like this that is highlighting such a serious issue. I would like to congratulate Fr. Duffy in his hard work in putting this site together. To those families waiting for their loved ones to return, my thoughts are with you and never give up searching. I have passed this web-site address onto others.
-Thursday, 10 Aug, 2000, 15:59:43 GMT

Niamh Carroll

* A friend gave me your address *

Helped search for Aongus – God bless him.
-Thursday, 10 Aug, 2000, 15:45:37 GMT

Aaronette Minder

East Northport,
* Just Surfed In! *
You have a wonderful site and I’m going to post it on mine. Keep up the wonderful work. Ari
-Wednesday, 9 Aug, 2000, 19:15:48 GMT

Mary Ryan

* A friend gave me your address *

Hi Fr.Duffy,
I am originally Mary Harty (Tom Harty’s sister – Tralee), and know Bob very well. Saw the poster in the Pub in Tralee. Best of luck – we all are thinking of Bob, Angus & Family.
-Wednesday, 9 Aug, 2000, 16:34:32 GMT

Mark O’Mahony

* A friend gave me your address *

-Tuesday, 8 Aug, 2000, 13:32:55 GMT

Rosalind Griffin

San Francisco,
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Homepage a great idea . I do hope that your cousin is well and that the website will help bring you to finding him. God bless
-Tuesday, 8 Aug, 2000, 10:08:20 GMT

Kristine McCormack

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Good luck in finding your loved ones. Let me know if I can ever be of help – I live in Queens, NY and know the Irish neighborhoods quite well
-Monday, 7 Aug, 2000, 17:16:37 GMT

Mark Weekes

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-Monday, 7 Aug, 2000, 12:51:05 GMT

Catherine Nau

Culver City,
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107 Missing At Sea Aboard N6921C
Thank you for signing my Guestbook. Your words were very kindly spoken. God bless you in your search and give you peace with or without answers.
Catherine Nau
-Thursday, 3 Aug, 2000, 06:40:05 GMT

Maria O’Keeffe

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-Thursday, 3 Aug, 2000, 01:20:36 GMT

Aaron Abbey

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Just Thought I’d surf In and have a look
very nice

-Wednesday, 2 Aug, 2000, 22:52:09 GMT


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Hello. I like your site but I don’t understand English. I only speak spanish.

-Thursday, 27 Jul, 2000, 22:22:09 GMT

Tom Noctor


Hi Father Duffy

Just got your piece from 3r an surfed in to take a look. keep up the good work

-Thursday, 27 Jul, 2000, 13:43:37 GMT

Eugene O’Brien

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Hope they will all be found safe and in good health.
-Sunday, 23 Jul, 2000, 21:41:13 GMT

Karen Marie Anne Marr Anuszewski Hauhn

Bel Air, MD,
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My prayers out to those missing and those who feel their absense.
-Sunday, 23 Jul, 2000, 11:55:03 GMT