Mallow Search and Rescue and the Missing Persons’ Association

Date: 10/10/2011
The new side scan sonar donated by the Brian O’Tuama fund was successful in locating a missing person in a recent search at Rooves Bridge in Coachford Co Cork. This is the first time the sonar was used on a search and it located the missing person. The deceased person was recovered by divers from Mallow Search and Rescue in a matter of hours. We feel that this piece of equipment will greatly reduce search times and thus assist the families of missing persons. Mallow Search and Rescue and The Missing Persons’ Association would like to express our gratitude to the O’Tuama family for their kind donation.

Mallow Search and Rescue and the Missing Persons’ Association will respond to those who request their services, be they members of the family of a missing person, other search and rescue organisations or State Services. Their services are free of charge. They expect that there will be a high demand made on their services using the C Max Sonar Side Scan. Accordingly, they would hope that requests that require long distance travelling and over night stay by them, including fuel, accomodation, and food would be provided by those Search and rescue organisations and State bodies when they request the services of the Sonar.

” It is very important to note that the successful use of the side scan sonar will greatly depend on the length of time a drowning victim has been in the water. This will be explained upon contact with the above”

See photo of Brian O’Tuama’s family, and other photos: photo 1,photo2, photo3,photo4.