Elanor Laragh Griffin

Elly will be 32 on 1st December 2005.I am her mother and we lost contact 3 years ago. She may be living in London or perhaps the U.S. She is 5'.3" tall with brown hair and greeny-grey eyes.She has a little son named Akira aged 6. His father is of African descent so he is dark skinned with curly brown hair and brown eyes.I miss them both very much and hope this message will somehow renew contact and we can start mending fences and building bridges and doing whatever is needful to enjoy a loving relationship again.

Elly is my eldest daughter, she has not contacted me since December 2002. Her son's name is Akira - my grandson - whom I also long to see again. My own chaotic childhood led me to allowing the same stresses to be visited on Elly as a child. I am a lot wiser and happier now. My fervent wish is to reconnect with my girl and get professional help to heal the wounds I unwittingly caused.
Elanor's date of birth is 1st December 1973 in Dublin Ireland
Akira's date of birth is 10th April 2000 in London England
My name is Patricia ( Griffin) Ó Conaill
Please help if you can.