Delia Conlon

Delia Conlon was born and raised in Co Roscommon. In 1934 she worked as a shop assistant in Belfast where she gave birth to baby on 9 September. Sometime within the ensuing two years Delia relocated back to her family in Co Roscommon however her mother forbade her to return with the child. At birth Delia named the baby Mary Bridget Conlon however, upon her departure the childs father had the child baptised as "Maureen Anne Bridget MacDermott" and left her with the Nazareth House Orphanage on the Ormeau Rd where she remained until 15 years of age.

The child's father forbade her access to her mother's details thereafter and it was only known that upon returning to Co Roscommon, Delia married and had more children. It is believed she was married sometime during 1935-1945 and, as she was in her late teens at the time of the baby's birth, would herself have been born between 1914-1919 placing her now in her late eighties.

The writer would love to make contact with any relatives of Delia or anyone with any further information. The child, my mother, has been a wonderful mother to myself and my other five brothers and sisters and such information would be a most priceless gift.

Many thanks