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Name: Claire Clarke
Country: Ireland
Comments: In Ireland we have a silent crisis involving our anonymous dead or the unidentified – we have not shown them the dignity and respect that these people deserve. They have been denied the basic right to have their identity restored, the state has failed them in a most shocking manner. I understand why this issue may be hard to confront but for families of the missing it is absolutely crucial for us to have the confidence in the authorities that proper protocols are in place and that our unidentified, whether their bodies are found or only part of their remains are found, that they are respected in death and that all efforts are being made to restore them to their loving families.

Please don’t treat them like lost property that we have to request the return of or have to pursue you to ensure that you are doing your jobs.

To all coroners, gardai, undertakers and those aware of cases of unidentified people, even where they have been buried in local cemeteries – please ask what action is being taken to restore their identity to them.
Do not assume that their case is being kept under review. Sadly, It may be the situation that they have long been forgotten about.

Date: 5/25/2010