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Name: louise anon
City: dundalk
County: louth
Country: ireland
Comments: It was the strangest feeling this morning, travelling home after doing my night shift. Normally cars are flying, overtaking at speed, everyone in a hurry. Today was different, practically everyone was doing below the speed limit, the mood seemed generally different in some way,even on the motoway. When I got stopped at a traffic lights nearing home, I noticed some people were crying in the cars opposite me. It was just gone 9am and I presumed that like myself they were listening to the news on their radios. I have been crying on and off all day and feel sick in the pit of my stomach for this wee boy and his family.I am so glad that his body has been found although I feel heartbroken. It definately makes you appreciate your own kids so much more. I too have have a boy called Robert who is almost 11 and we spoke about this. He is frightened and I have not told him the worst news.How on earth do we protect them without scaring them , taking away their independance and fun.These last days will be forever etched in my mind. I am so angry with whoever thought they had the right to take this child, may they try and live with their conscience, because forever more , they are the most hated in Ireland. They are the biggest cowards. Afraid to come forward and stop this craziness. I am not religious and I do doubt sometimes but now I do hope that there is a god who will judge these people accordingly.The Holohan family, I’m sure, are the most loved and I hope they get some comfort in the amazing support that their community gave and will give. my deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you all in Midleton and sorrounding areas.
Date: 1/14/2005