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Name: Luciano Lupesi Boni
City: Supino
County: Frosinone
Country: Italy
Comments: My name is Luciano Lupesi Boni. I am born on 08 th March 1940 at the old San Giovanni Hospital in Rome called “Le Celate”. It was exclusively for women who wanted to remain anonymous, some times giving birth with their faces completely covered. “Le Celate” or (women who have decided to conceal their faces for their own personal reasons), belonged to the upper middle-class of Rome. Their pregnancies were sometimes the result of relatioships with highranking fascists or influential persons of the upper middle-class.
I am looking for my mother. I don’t know her name: I know only she is American perhaps she lives in California.
If somebody knows her or the story please help me.


Date: 7/5/2005