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Name: Kathy O’Rourke
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Comments: I would just like to pass on my thought’s to all the families who’s son or daughter is missing. as a child growing up i heard of philip cairn’s who only 3 years older than me went missing who’s body has never been found i am now 30yrs old & from time to time think of him & how much his family must feel so angry hurt & hopeless that he has never been found. my prayer’s are with his parent’s & family. I recently read a book titled {missing} by barry cummins he goes into great detail of many women who went missing in the 90’s one of who lived close to me for a time annie mc carrick although a great book highlighting the need for help in these cases we need more to help find these people who’s parent’s need closure either way i hope wherever they may be they are at peace my prayer’s are with you all Kathy in Clondalkin…

Date: 3/30/2006