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Name: Ian Varian
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland
Comments: My brother Ken was missing for over a week and the support that our family received from the missing persons association was fantastic. Ken was found deceased but our family will never forget the wonderful support that we received from the lads who gave their own time to help in searching for Ken.

A poem for Ken,

Ken sometimes I lay awake, when I am all alone and think about that faithful night, when you heard god call you home
Did you not think that your actions, would cause so much hurt and pain. Or was Gods voice so powerful, it eased your own suffering and strain.

You went about your day to day, absorbed in your own thoughts and strife, but in my heart i do belive that you always valued precious life. The mind can be so powerful aand can play many a dirty trick, where one is over come with their emotions, and seeks to end them quick.

What I would give to have been your conscience Ken if only for that night. To tell you life is sometimes hard but it always turns out right. I would have been that little voice inside, which people sometimes hear, but the difference Ken is i would of told you that yes we all do care.

So as I lay awake at night thinking of none but you, hear these words of sentiment, cliched but true. God glanced down, looked around and saw you standing there. He may have felt your suffering and said my child come hear. You heard the call and turned around, knowing you were the best and off you went into the warmth of our Lords sweet loving breast.

By Ian varian
Date: 7/18/2006