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Name: Mike Kelly
City: Windsor
County: Essex
Country: CANADA
Comments: I was researching the Kelly family trees and Brandow family tree and found a Sarah Renards who had her identity misplaced. As an ancester she should be properly acknowledged and honored for her heritage and legacy. Sarah Renards was born 1810 Huron de lac area. She did not come from Downton England. Moreover, Renards is French for FOX and is Indian = Meskwaki Nation. Her father was Louis Corbière of the upper St. Croix River and her mother’s name was Ann of the Renards.

Sarah married Thomas Pretty and their daughter Ann Pretty married Jacob C. Brandow in 1852 in Walsingham, Norfolk Ontario. It is sad what gets covered up around one’s ancesters lives, but at least the truth can be had in the details. Thomas Pretty’s first wife Sarah Pretty died of cholera after arriving at the Talbot settlement in Ontario. And their children Ann Pretty 2yrs died of Cholera, so too Elizabeth, and Charlotte. They were buried in a pauper’s grave on route to Port Rowan, Long Point area. Henry Pretty died of fever in winter 1839 St. Mary’s area. Sarah Renards was named by the Sheguiandah regional clerk of the day at the promting of Thomas Pretty (source: Michael Kelly’s King James Family Bible 1873). Thank you for your time I hope this id is helpful to other Kelly family members doing research.
Date: 8/23/2007