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Name: Eibhlin Aine Ni Dhugbhaille
City: Eh…No city
County: Wicklow West
Country: Ireland
Comments: Just finished reading the book “Girl in the Cellar” about Natasha Kampucshe, the little Austrian girl, who went missing aged 10, and who was found alive, in 2006, 8 years later. This child simply VANISHED, from a main street, in broad daylight, and would NEVER have been found, either alive or dead, only she courageously escaped, all by herself.

Her story could easily apply to any of Leinster’s “MISSING” women. The whole glaring point of this book, is that globally, the Police either act too late, do too little, or are so totally inefficient when it comes to locating missing people.
Someday, please God, Leinster’s missing women WILL be found, and we will all, I suspect, become aware that the key to their disappearences was staring the Gardai in the face, the whole time, just like in the Austrian girl’s case.

In the case of our Missing Leinster women, I cannot understand why the Gardai involved have never, ever, acted on all the strong local suspicions, leads and rumours, the excellent , well-researched books like “Missing” and “Frozen Blood”, and the Sky TV programme about Jo Jo. Even Mary Phelan, Jo Jo’s sister strongly endorsed this programme, and the issues it raised. All that is needed is specific Search Warrants, to dig previously un-searched, easily accessible, private lands. Seriously, should’nt we ALL be screaming and kicking, and demanding… that these women ( least….their earthly remains) be found, and soon, by our extremely well-paid Gardai, who have NOT actually solved any Murder or Missing Persons Case.. …since…eh…when… exactly?? Remind me, again please. Basically…NOTHING has been solved, the “Cases” are shelved, no fresh attempts are being made to find out…WHERE… is… Jo Jo, Annie, Deirdre, Fiona, Eva, et al.

I live just within walking distance from these same lands, which were the scene of another brutal, rape and attempted murder. The day after it happened , was the same day as my son’s Confirmation, and we actually have pics of him in all his finery, with yellow Garda crime scene ticker tape, in the background!!

That ground may hold a lot of dark, dark secrets, and locally, we ALL silently, and sadly, with bowed heads, know this.

Every night, I pray, that the pain in Mary Phelan’s face, will someday, SOON, be erased, by being finally able to lay her beloved little sister Jo Jo to rest, with a dignified Chiristian burial, beside her Mammy and Daddy.
Probably God will eventually have to solve it, coz’ it looks like the Gardai could’nt solve a crossword puzzle!!
Date: 1/7/2008