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Name: daithi o’cinneide
City: kilkenny
County: kilkenny
Country: ireland
Website: missing people
Comments: I would like to hope to god that all those who are missing will be found as its not easy when your loved ones vanish or taken from you like with jo jo dullard as the psycics said they saw a man with big hands and a bad scar and big jeep its frightening to think that if that person did this he could be out there waiting to harm another defenseless person as the psycics said he had done it murdererd before and what do we do sit here and let that happen and if jo jo was murdererd like the psycics said i hope that person rots in hell for hell is where he belongs if he is that evil and at the end of it all he’ll meet his maker. Ireland needs a specialised unit like America. Ireland is a small country not like America and people vanish into thin air without a trace
Date: 2/12/2008