When Someone you love goes missing By Tom M Brown

When Someone you love goes missing By Tom M Brown

When someone you love goes missing
It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before,
As the hours turn to days you keep hoping
They’ll make contact but it soon begings to sink in
That you may never see them anymore’.
You blame everyone else for not doing enough and you blame yourself for
doing less, You search the streets and put up missing posters but you feel its
just an act of hopelessness.

As you make appeals to the public through Radio TV and press,
You tend to get sick phone calls and half baked theories or people wishing you good luck at best.
Your whole life becomes a living nightmare
Sleep becomes alien to you,
You fall out with your friends and other family members
Regarding what’s the next thing you should do.
After a while you become immune to the things total strangers say
regarding your loved one’s like ‘if they found the body
at least your suffering would be over anyway’.
You no longer think about yourself in any shape or form, If you’re lucky like
me you survive a nervous breakdown but you still want to carry on.
Then after the months turn into years and your tears have almost dried up,
You still keep on searching to a lesser extent but you never completely give

And though it’s different in every case
We all share a common pain,
Every one of us who has had a loved one missing Our lives will never again be
the same.

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